Friday, 23 January 2009

~Lets Paint The Town Pink! ~

Yes! lets paint it pink! It's almost february and Valentine's coming up. I have been rather busy with some orders and my honeypot for the past month i havent even started on Valentine's stuff untill yesterday! and yes, i'm still compiling and listing down the stuff for my Cupcake Collection soon! (perhaps i'm trying a little bit too much, too soon?!). My entire family's been extremely supportive giving me support when i need them the most! Hardy's been incredible as well! he doesnt complain when my table's a mess, doenst complain when i've run out of space on mine and 'spilt' some onto his...

My basement is full of stuff. i have been dumping most of it downstairs and i havent been organizing them! shelves are still not up, will have to do it soon now that the snow's all gone!

Anyway, this was what i made yesterday. i told myself, if i dont sit down and start on something for Valentines, i never will! yesterday's theme was pink! did some favor boxes, decorated them with my favourite laces and ribbons. bought meself a new cuttlebug folder with hearts and used it for the first time yesterday. i love it!

I used lots of layers for the card. used my scraps mainly, and added a couple of embellishments and of course, not to forget, buttons!

Used some of my prima flowers for this one. i'm currently running low on them. listed a couple at my honeypot and have been snapped away! will have another one to share soon! these flowers are so pretty, almost real! you can never have enough of them! trust me!

This is if for this time. this weekend's theme is going to be red! not my favourite colour but we shall see! so see you in my next post! thanks ever so much for the lovely comments, as usual, i smiled from ear to ear reading each and every one of them! take care everyone, have a GREAT weekend (i know i will now that Hardy's back from Milan!), and i wish all of you love!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A Fluttery Dream

The Card

A few months ago, i received an email, from a lovely lady in Penang, Suriya. she emailed me wanting me to do almost everything for her adorable lil daughter iman's first birthday next month. i couldnt wait to get started!

Made the card first. i then emailed an unfinished photo to suriya and had the green light! i was pleased! girly stuff means scallops, laces, butterflies, flowers and pastels! love them love them! used green stickles to outline the insert flower and used my cricut to cut out her name and the word 'one'.

The Banner

Next i did the birthday banner. i wanted everything with the same theme- scallops and butterflies. used chipboard letters for her name and these lovely MM brads available at my honeypot.

After her birthday, they can hang the banner in her room. just unpeg the "happy birthday" and "1" and all ready to be hung in Iman's room!

The Hanging Frame

I made her a hanging frame as well. a girl can never have enough of decoration in her room! the turquoise heart was cut out freehandedly and then was machine stitched (i should practice more!)

Everything is personalized with Iman's name on it. that just makes it extra special! especially for her first birthday!

The Party Bags

There will be a party for Iman and any parties wouldnt be complete without party giveaways! these are her goody bags. 2o of them. i hope this is a good size. each the paper bag has a butterfly and number 1's on them! how cute!

I hope all her friends and guests will love them and the goodies inside!

The Door HangerFrame

This one can be a door hanger with Iman's picture in it! again, they're pastel coloured. with a butterfly and a big bling!

The Invites

Invitations. i did the invites last. and inside are 3 butterflies, fluttering in the card! what they need to do is just write the day, time and place. and they're ready to be sent out!

The Kit

Suriya also orderd a few kits from my honeypot alongside other embellishments. i have finally figure out how to pack my kits! some pastel coloured feathers and my very own handmade sticker!

It's been a dream to work with Suriya's orders. she's been so easy throughout the whole entire process. leaving everything almost up to me! thank you Suriya, i shall take up that offer on mee sotong in penang!!

Happy 1st Birthday Iman!

May all your wishes come true!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Yumm Yumm!

It's been a while, hasnt it? come on in and grab yourselves a cupcake, i'll put the kettle on! ;) we've just had some serious snowy weather! it was -18c last tuesday and we're still below freezing tempreature! i know i could do with a hot cuppa! it snowed last monday and what a start to the new year! i love it when it snows, but aidan's not such a big fan (until today!).

Anyway... here's todays post. i am in love with cupcakes. not deeply, just fairly ;) they're cute, adorable and sweet. i had a few plain round boxes lying around, and thought i'd join Aidan on the table while he paints his stuff. so there we were both mother and son on our dining table, painting...

If you must know the truth, as soon as they were dry and ready, i placed them on my bedside table! it sat there for more than a couple of days. very pleased with how it turned out! i sometimes question myself, perhaps i am madly in love with cupcakes!?!

This was so much fun! from cutting the paper napkins to painting the wooden boxes, and later pasting! i first started making decoupage back in JB with my mum. we decorated egg shells and put them on our egg stands and bowls. i wonder if mum still has it!? those were fond memories of me and my mum at our old house.

Oh! before i forget, i'd like to share with you something...
Here's one little announcement:
I have A LOT of cupcake stuff to sell. for you cupcake lovers, you will surely melt when you see them! i will be listing them soon on my honeypot. i've got coasters, doilies, cupcake cases, gift bags, notebooks, glass tumblers, bowls, hooks, metal signs.. plenty! plenty stuff! i just have to sort them out first and hopefully by the end of the month or early next month i'll be listing them.

I've been rather disorganized for the past year. really! and i did not get some christmas gifts out. i wanted to give those christmas trees to some friends in the states and up north in holland but i didnt get to. a lot had happened since my last post. you can read it here. we are now all ok, enjoying the snow and the cold weather whilst i'm trying my best to be much more organized!

I hope with this second memo pad up on the wall will help me to plan things! this one's a little bit too small, perhaps i should write only my wish list on it! tonnes of new crafting gadgets and new lines of scrapbooking stuff this year, i'm sure! how exciting! well, no harm in wishing!

And here's Aidan, asking you to check out the snowman we did! its no joke making one. took longer than i expected! will post more snowy pictures at our other blog.

Happy New Year everyone! hope this year will bring us happiness, joy, more love and laughter and good health! take good care everyone!