Friday, 31 October 2008

* Let it Snow *

It snowed when we arrived here in Warwick! everything was white and it was just a wonderful feeling! i love it when it snows... you just feel like sitting down on the couch, cover yourself with a fleece blanket drinking hot cocoa and just watch, watch it all fall!

It's freezing here, no more snow but still a lovely day..

I did this card before i left for Wawick... another christmas card for a friend who ordered 50! i still have quite a long way to go and i have to get them all done by the first week of november! i havent even started on mine yet!!

I thought i'd use pastels instead, after working with too many reds, maroons and greens. embossed my baby blue cardstock and cut the word SNOW. used my favourite trimmings (i use them in almost all my cards these days!), and some punched out flakes.

I hope there will be lots of snow this winter! let it snow.. let it snow.. let it snow....

Have a lovely weekend everyone, wherever you are!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

{Happy Birthday Fi}

We surprised my sister Fifi yesterday by turning up on her doorstep in Warwick yesterday! yes, we're now in the UK. we had quite a journey yesterday, the weather was lovely right through the M25, and then it snowed! it snowed and everything was white within minutes!!!

This is my second time working with Laura Ashely's papers and i absolutely love it! i love all their papers, and this one i incorporated it with MM's metal sign and some laces and trimmings. loved the simplicity!

We have the strongest bond. we have quite a relationship. we have a strong love and a really good friendship. 'Togetherness'- that's the best thing any sister could ever have.

Happy 36th Birthday Fi, i'm the luckiest sister in the world! May all your dreams come true! lets enjoy the day, together!

Love you loads,


Saturday, 25 October 2008

-A Reason-

This was suppose to be yesterday's post but i cant seem to log on to blogger for some reason the whole day yesterday. and before i know it, it was already midnight! arrghh...

Anyway, as promised, here's another couple of cards i made earlier. i am so loving felt at the moment. its just so wintery, so snowy and so christmasy!

The second card is something i whipped up using scraps and leftovers. never, ever throw anything away if you're a crafter! i have a box full of scraps and a whole tin full of tiny bits and ends of ribbons. you can create a lot using just scraps! this is just one example!

I've had quite a good day today. and to top it off, tonight's X factor (the UK version of American Idol) was absolutely brilliant! if you have a few mins, go check them out on youtube, as tonight's big band night simply blew me away! the girls were amazing!! (watch alexandra, laura, diana, rachael and ruth's purple rain) and let me know who's your favourite!

I'm off to finish one card before i call it a day, a beautiful day in fact. everyone's tucked in.. i wish everyone a jolly good weekend!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

*Making Up*

This is for you lot who always pop by everyday to see what i've been doing. i know i havent been blogging lately, but today and tomorrow and over the weekend, i promise to blog and have at least a couple of cards to share.

Aidan and i went for our usual Thursday walk to the lake to feed the ducks. weather's quite nice, getting colder but at least the sun's out! we love our usual walk. we talked and sang as we walked (his favourite malay song is no longer burung kakak tua, but gelang sipaku gelang! thanks to Hardy!) I often thought to myself, what would i do if i'm not here living the life that i'm currently living. i have been trully blessed.

One of the things that my parents always stress out whenever we're together enjoying our days, just like today was to always be thankful. today, i am thankful for the clean air that we breathe, thankful for the opportunity, yet another day to get to be with my son, thankful for this beautiful weather, thankful for our home being close to the lake and the park, thank you for making us healthy again (Aidan just recovered from a fever), and last but not least, thankful for putting us here. 

And, thank YOU, for always listening, reading and commenting! ;) i'd better stop now...  can go on and on... 

As they say it here, tot morgen (till tomorrow!)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Showing off 2 Today!

I know i've been quite a bad blogger lately. i havent been updating for almost 5 days now! gosh.. that long! Aidan had quite a bad fever last Saturday, and i've put everything else on hold since. he's much better since yesterday. back to himself, being bubbly, chatty and bouncy!

Anyway, a couple of cards to share this time. i feel like i havent shared for quite a bit, so today i thought i'd share 2! nothing much, nothing fancy, just a couple of straight forward cards...

Was at my favourite herbedashary store last weekend, and met my 2 most favourite shop owners, Harry and Sonja. Bought some supplies and used them right away! i love laces, dont you? 

I might have problems fitting this one in the envelope. thats the thing with what i do lately... but i cant let an envelope stop my creative juices from flowing! they'll throw the envelopes away anyway! am i right? hmm...

I am so behind time, i still have tonnes to do. i was almost stressing out last night until my husband said, not to worry, this year, we'll buy our christmas cards, you dont have to make them! err.. that's so not going to happen! haha..

Oopps! that's my call. Aidan's up from his afternoon nap. we're gonna enjoy a koekje or two downstairs before dinner. 

Till my next post, which is going to be pastels! and a little announcement!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Button Up!

Oops oops, i nearly forgot to blog about these. these was sent together with baby Jada's card. made a personalized hanger for her special dress (if baby Jada has one!). added buttons and more buttons (my favourite!), some ribbons, trimmings and some glitters. 

Last but not least, her initials! had so much fun doing this! i am now doing another one for my cousin K.Na's newborn baby girl! (oops, i just hope she doesnt read this!) anyway... i dressed up this plain cute little baby shoe!

Making girls stuff is so much fun! it is endless! anyway, i should get going, i promised Aidan now that he's up from his nap that i'd take him out and play with the leaves infront of our house. lets just hope the sun will stay! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, i am so looking forward to tomrrow's x factor and our saturday market to see what flowers they have at the stalls! and yes, dont forget to button up if you're at this part of the world! it's getting a bit chilly!!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

| Swamped & Joy |

Another beautiful autumn day today but ended with some drizzles and slight showers. i have been swamped with work lately. and i'm sure most of you'd agree that a housewife's job is never done. i am that type of person who'd make sure that everything's cleaned and in order before i could get my hands on to my other stuff i.e crafts.

I am not by all means complaining. i am so enjoying my life, being a mum, a wife, and i'm extremely happy to do such chores (in fact, any chores around the house!). lately, i am spending quality time with Aidan discovering new things with him and teaching what's around him (including doing the laundry and folding clothes!). i try my best to make sure everything's well balanced. i thank God for this opportunity to see him grow and the opportunity to make our house a home for both my boys. i am so loving it!

It is such a joy to be in my shoes! i wish every mother would feel the same way, if not, MORE! despite being swamped with housewife's chores and a mother's responsibilities, i am also swamped with orders! christmas is around the corner and i have a huge order of 30 cards by a good friend of mine. (she wanted 50! but i told her i dont think i can cope with 50 by the end of this month!). she asked for it in june, and i only started doing her orders in between other's last week!

I'm rushing against time, especially to reply most mails. but i did manage to reply most comments in here! so for those who waited patiently, i thank you! let me know if i've missed anyone's. i have too many cards to share, but i just could not find the time to sit infront of the computer! will try harder, promise!

Anyway, now that the house is cleaned, clothes all washed and folded (but only some ironed), carpets been hoovered, toys all kept away and house all quiet with our son fast asleep, i shall now continue with work! 

So there you have it! i am swamped, but it's still a joy! 

Monday, 13 October 2008

{Sixty Two}

It was my mum's birthday last Saturday - 11th October. she turned 62. i cant begin to tell you how much she means to me, to all of us. i cant begin to tell you how proud i am of her. i cant begin to tell you how wonderful a person, a mother and a friend she is to me.

At 62 she has tasted almost everything. every single spice of life. she's one tough girl, i tell ya! she taught me so much, till this very day. people always ask her of her secret for looking young, one thing's for sure, she doesnt look 62! when most people tell us we look like sisters, she'd blush and i'd sulk! (probably cause i dont look as young as her!). but i can tell you this, her secret of looking young is not the stuff that she eats, not the multi vitamins, not those make up stuff she puts on her face.. it is simply because she has a good heart. 

One thing she always stress to me and my sister is, to have a clean, good heart. 

For all the things that you did for all of us, for all the love you have showered us, i truly take my hats of for you. you're such an amazing person mum. you really define true beauty and have such strength. now is your time, lets enjoy life, live OUR lives. here's to many many more years to come, i wish you all the happiness and all the joy life may bring, good health and will always be blessed.

Happy Birthday to you,
You are only sixty two,
Happy Birthday to you mum,
There is no one like you!

I love you with all my heart and my soul...

Friday, 10 October 2008

A Card For Baby Jada

Yeay! there's internet connection in our room in Paris! i've just had a brilliant day today, will write more once i'm back at home in Sittard at our other blog. promised i'll write if there's a connection so here it is!

I did this card last month for a dear friend of mine, Juan who recently gave birth to a healthy and bouncy baby girl Jada. posted this together with other gifts i made, which i will later share the pictures (didnt manage to save it here, its in my computer back at home). i'm sure you'd agree with me that she has a beautiful name. and i just cant help it but to emphasize it more on the card with her initials - JK

You know how i just LOVE creating stuff for girls!! recently, my cousin just gave birth to a baby girl. gosh, i'm so excited to go home and start working on pinks and pastels again!

It's almost 1 in the morning and i'm beat! i'm gonna call it a day and hopefully tomorrow will be an even awesome day! again, thanks for the sweet comments. i'm now off to bed.. missing my ribbons, scissors and papers...

Au revoir!

Monday, 6 October 2008

A Modest One

Thank you so much for remembering us. those who called, texted and msged us. thank you. our raya was a simple, modest one. most importantly, we're thankful that we can be together, we're glad that we're happy and most importantly healthy! 

We received a few Raya cards and it sure did made our day! thank you so much! it was such a joy to be at the receiving end! you have no idea! i will surely reply to all of them!

It has been a long break indeed. i've been quite busy taking care of the family and our home. i havent stop crafting, no. just havent been infront of the computer, that's all. too much to share... but i shall try my best! we're off to Paris tomorrow, but i will try to blog from there, provided that there's an internet connection in our hotel room.

Anyway, i did this one slightly before Raya, for a very special person who captured our hearts from the first time we met him. he is one special person. by this i mean, even with one's status, one's ranking, one's job, what one has, he is one kind and modest soul. it is very rare to come across such a person, i should say!

How i wish he's our ambassador here in the Netherlands! :)

Anyway, how was everyone's Raya this year? i didnt manage to snap photos of what i cooked! it went straight to our tummies even before i could think of getting the camera!! hehe. we had kuah kacang, nasi impit and lodeh for Raya. first attempt, perhaps i was lucky!

I should get going. i have to sort our stuff to bring to Paris. entire house all cleaned. clothes washed and some ironed, son fast asleep, another beautiful day.. and here's to more beautiful days, every single day to all of us!

Good night you all,