Thursday, 23 April 2009

~Reaching For Your Dreams~

Dad tells me everyday to reach for my goals, dream big and think of the nicest things. i am doing it every day. its nice to be reminded of them, it lets your imagination run and just be in your own world for a little while. it's nice and comforting to know that someone else have faith in what you do. dad's been always supportive of me and mum with our crafts. we're the luckiest! 

This board is a special one for me. i created it for myself but decided to let Aishah have it instead. this young soft hearted girl emailed me one day, asking me to make a gift for her precious sister before she leaves for UK to further her studies. the way she wrote captured me and all her emails always make me smile!

It's always a nice feeling to create for someone who appreciates, let alone if you have established a 'special bond' (even virtual!). we exchanged emails along the way (she was very patient with me in replying!) and later we found out that our parents and grandparents know of each other! what a small world indeed!

Ribbons, ribbons and ribbons. i have lots of them. they are every papercrafters essential embellishement! you can never have enough of them, you can never know when they might come handy one day! make full use of them! 

Aishah will be off to the UK soon and i wish her all the luck in the world (not that she'll need it!). dream big girls! reach for your goals!

I'm off for our spring vacation! will try and see if i can post another one before i leave this weekend! till then... love always!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

{Fluttering By}

I thought i'd flutter by and post a couple of cards i made over the last 3 days. i was at our friend Piet's house over the weekend for some good dutch meal prepared by him and his beautiful girlfriend Clara. he had just been to Malaysia last month and showed us some brilliant shots of the places he visited.. and one of them was the butterfly park in KL!

Every shot of his photos was a brilliant one and we enjoyed our night tremendously! the next day i worked with these two cards for Mother's Day in May, with one theme in mind - Butterflies! i just love them!

Quite a few of layers here, a stamped image of a polka dot flower, accetate and a few cardstock papers. every mother is beautiful in their own special way, just like butterflies!

I think the world of my mom, and i bet you do too. i adore the strength and courage of my mom in law and love her dearly. their love is the greatest to us and simply special beyond words.

Loving every minute of spring and loving every butterfly (and wasps!) that passes by!!


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

~Spring Has Sprung~

Spring has definitely sprung here in holland! the first signs of spring are daffodils! then comes magnolias, tulips, blossoms and every other colourful plant! i love april, not just because its my birthday but april's the month for new beginings, buds are out, leaves and shrubs are appearing and they become alive! april's the month of colourful sights, april here is not too cold and not too warm.. april's just nice! every season has its charms but i adore spring!

We brought my parents to Keukenhof, the largest tulip garden last weekend. we had a wonderful time and snapped hundreds and hundreds of colourful photos! this is the time to visit holland! you will see a sea of colours! there were at least 2ooo species of tulips there! it's pretty amazing! 

Here are some embellishments i made to celebrate spring! i particularly love the daffodils! i still havent decided how i should use them... but once i do, i will surely share them with you! :)

Happy Spring everyone! Enjoy the colours, the smell, the sun and enjoy yourselves!

Friday, 10 April 2009

~Girly Stuff~

Although i am a year older, i am still very much a girl! i love girly stuff and girly things and girly colours! I recently fell in love with bright lime green. it's time to brighten out my table with such glorious colours! it's spring anyway!

We've been getting quite a lot of sunshine lately! leaves are almost out, flowers are blooming and soon butterflies will fly in our garden! how exciting! we've planted some herbs and soon start on our vege plot. aidan's been playing gardening a lot lately with his spade and wheelbarrow! i simply love spring!

It's time to pack up all our woolies and put them away for the next 6 months (at least!) and out comes all our summer dresses and sandals! yeayheyy!

I should get going now guys, it's way past midninght. hardy and i have been busy planning our holidays lately! we've been infront of the computer every single day looking for places to go and where to stay! its going to be fun and there'll be lots of food to eat, that's for sure! anyway....

Here's to all you girls, for wishing me those lovely wishes! here's a bunch of hugs and kisses, from me to you! have a lovely weekend everyone! i shall hunt for some eggs in the garden with Aidan, just for the fun of it!

Welterusten, love always,

Monday, 6 April 2009


My 4th of April was special. besides my two boys, my parents were here to celebrate my 32nd. i am not a big fan of celebrating my own birthday, but i'd go all out for others! 

Woke up with my son singing "lang zal ze leven" and hugs from everybody. went downstairs and saw banners and baloons! the house was filled with flowers almost everywhere! 

I had decided to take some time off things and made myself a present! something i normally do every year! i made myself a special board with powerful, beautiful words and sayings.

I once had a dream. little that i know of, it all came into place one by one, after hardships and some sacrifices... it all came true. i now have a bigger dream, and as they say it, the sky is the limit! i hope it will come true and along the way, there would be plenty of love, laughter and joy..

They say the best way to predict your future is to create it. i create my future every single day. i am living life, in my own way. i am doing it, my own way, creating it, my own way and at my own pace and i am most grateful for everything, all the blessings! the journey's been pretty amazing with ups and downs and i shall treasure what i have now, always.

Believe is a strong word. i believe in a lot of things. and most importantly, i believe in the beauty of my dreams! go on girls, dream!

Thanks ever so much for the birthday wishes from calls to emails and texts! from the bottom of my heart, i'm sending you all the best wishes and love always!