Wednesday, 30 September 2009

{3rd & Final September Giveaway}

Gosh, where did september go? september passed so quick and before you know it we're almost ending the year! again, as promised, here's the 3rd and final september giveaway! the lot includes papers, girly chipboard (as pictured above), stickers, brads, blooms, cardstock words, ribbons, tags.. plenty to embellish and craft!

Epoxy stickers

Cardstock words

What you need to do is simply write a comment in here with these details:
1. your name and email address
2. your hobby
3. what it means to you

The lucky winner will receive all the items posted to you!

The whole lot of the 3rd giveaway!

And as usual, Aidan will pick one winner on the 11th october. so the draw opens from now to the 11th! good luck girls!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

{Dank u well}

Sorry for the delay girls. the past week's been very busy indeed i havent had the chance to even sit down and even stretch my legs. we have some guests staying over for a week and hardy's away since monday. monday was also Aidan's birthday, he is now 3! we had such a wonderful time and ended the day with a story of what happened exactly 3 years ago. and guess who ended up crying!?

Will share the gifts i've made for him and his friends as well as teachers soon. (p.s: Dank u well is thank you in dutch)

In the meantime, i'd like to thank each and every single one of you for being so incredibly patient. thank you! i know you've been eagerly waiting for the draw but i had to lend my computer to a friend. we did drew up a name last monday, as promised but didnt get the chance to let everyone know who the winner is... to those who joined slightly later, i'm sorry you guys are a tad bit late as we already drew up a winner, but look forward to the next one! i promise there'll still be tonnes of pretty yummy stuff!

I asked Aidan to pick a star and he picked one.... (should have focused on his hand and the star instead!)

... the winner is ...

Ms Daisy!!!!!!

Looks like your lucky star is shinning upon you this time my dear! will email you soon to get your address! hope you'll enjoy all those sweet baby stuff!

One last giveaway at the end of the month guys! thanks ever so much for participating! enjoyed reading each and every one of your favourite childhood memories! i had tonnes! i've had a good childhood and i thank my parents for giving me and showering me with all their love. there's simply too many good memories to share! i wish aidan lots of happy childhood memories from now onwards.. i'll make sure he'll experience new things and will have lots and lots of fun growing up!

Till my next post, much love,

Monday, 14 September 2009

September Giveaway #2

A week from today, Aidan will turn 3. i cant begin to tell you how much i adore him and how blessed Hardy and i are to see him grow right infront of our eyes. everyday he learns something new. everyday, he'll come up with witty chatty lines, and everyday we learn something new about him. i am ever so grateful and thankful for this blessing and opportunity..

As promised, i'm giving out some beautiful stuff to mark Aidan's 3rd birthday this month. so here are some yummy baby stickers, chipboards, papers, rub ons, tags, laces, metal charms and embellishments.

What you need to do is just simply:
1. write a comment in here
2. include your name and email address
3. spread a word about this giveaway on your blog (if you have one) OR if you dont have a blog, be sure to be a follower on either my facebook page or this blog.
and lastly, for me to get to know you better,
4. what is/are your favourite childhood memory/ies.

The second draw will be on Aidan's birthday 21st September.

The whole lot of september giveaway #2

I know i kept saying this, but i am so behind in replying emails, msgs on facebook and sending out bills. to those who have emailed me with questions and orders, i'd appreciate it if you could email me again and i will reply right away. my inbox is just swamped with msgs! bear with me please..

Good Luck, have a wonderful week ahead!
With much love,

Monday, 7 September 2009

.. and the LUCKY winner is..

Good morning girls! i woke up today and cant wait for Aidan to pick a winner for our giveaway! he finished his glass of milk and cornflakes and later had a slice of bread and right after he was done with breakfast, i asked him to pick one circle as our winner!Thanks ever so much for participating! i'm now compiling stuff for the second giveaway soon! thanks for letting me know a little bit more about you girls.. it has made me smile indeed!

Almost everything inspire me- from fabrics to music, fresh flowers to gardens... i buy magazines and admire all the home furnishings and interiors. shop windows and displays... and the internet too is my source of inspiration but if you really must know, currently its music! i sometimes sit down with everything around me not knowing how to start, what to do, but once i have my music on, then everything will then flow! the range is from country to rock! french to jazz- (dixie chics to kings of leon, carla bruni to billy taylor) i know!! what a range! all depends on my mood (and the season too! i'd normally put a fast song during winter and a jazzy one in the spring!) i just have to have a background music when i craft.

What about you? what kind of music do you like? do you craft with the music on too?

Anyway... thought i'd share another today. here's a card i made for a friend who welcomed us to her home in Dubai last summer. she bakes cute cupcakes! we had a wonderful time in Dubai even with the temp. of 47c!!

Thanking you for stopping by today! do hop by again for my 2nd and 3rd giveaway! you might be the lucky one!

And the lucky one for September's giveaway #1 is...


Congratulations Nurain!! will be in touch to get your address! enjoy them!

Many thanks girls, and much love,

Friday, 4 September 2009


My son and i have enjoyed our thursday outing yesterday.. we went to a pet shop and saw some gorgeous rabbits and hamsters. we then did our groceries and return a few plastic bottles, we bought some books, cars and a tractor at the toy shop. we took our time to stroll... i'm just loving my time with him! i love ending our days with the 3 of us on the bed reading stories, recalling what happened during the day and plan what we're
going to do the next morning! pure bliss!

He is at playschool now, and i have a little bit of time to myself till lunch time. i'm busy helping a friend who just recently opened a shop. she's giving away gifts and gift vouchers for her shop and i need to help her decorate the gifts! a hundred boxes of them!

It was the launching of her new shop last week and i brought flowers and made her this card. a true friend is my most priceless treasure indeed. i'm glad a have a few good 'treasures'!

I love reading the comments for the the giveaway. you girls are the sweetest! i will let you know what and/or who inspires me when i announce the winner. i've got a whole bunch of them!! its still not too late to enter the giveaway, just hop by here. (you know what, i wish i can give all of you a little something!!)

Its almost the weekend, any plans yet girls? i'm off to the market with my boys tomorrow to get some fresh flowers for our home and hopefully will craft some baby stuff this weekend. whatever it is that you plan to do, smile and have a lovely time (yes, even when you do your chores! smile! you'll enjoy them more!)

Love always,

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Giveaway #1

My favourite Belgian lace.

Good morning sweets! gosh! its september! its coming to autumn and one thing i look forward to in september is Aidan's birthday! i've been enjoying him so much lately. we can really have a good conversation now (he speaks rojak - a combination of english, dutch and malay!) and our little converstations makes me smile full of pride and often leave me with a wonderful feeling at the end of the day. he's turning 3 this month and i've decided to share some sweet yummy cottony stuff with you followers of my blog and you guys who are on my Cotton*Candy Facebook page.

I'll be hosting 3 giveaways this month! YES! you read it right, THREE giveaways!

What you need to do is just simple! just leave me a comment here and provide me with these details and the first draw will be on the 7th september 2009. one lucky winner will receive all these sweet items.

Remember to write:
1. name as in your facebook/blog
2. a valid email address
and lastly, what or who inspires you?

Sweet eyelet charms, chipboard stickers and more laces!


12 pcs of 6x6 papers - 2 of each design

The whole lot of the 1st giveaway

These will be off to you all the way from our home in holland, as a token of appreciation and love!
Good luck guys, i'm off to fetch Aidan in a hours time. cant wait to show him what i got for him at the shops a while ago!

Good Luck!