Thursday, 31 July 2008


I am extremely touched that i have made new friends through blogging. i've realized that it will be such a shame to retire now when there's still lots to share and new friendships to establish. i've decided to continue, and to you guys, who had left comments earlier on my other blog, i'd love to share this with you, each and every single one of you.

Finished making this yesterday and thought i'd thank you guys for all your sweet, lovely and some very touching comments. stayed up till almost 1 in the morning to finish up all the replies to the comments and when i read what most of you had written, i feel like i've known most of you for quite a long time already!

Sincerely, thank you so much! i'm sending you bucket loads of well wishes and tonnes of LOVE.

Hugs and hugs and more hugs...

Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Everytime when i'm in my craft room i feel extremely peaceful, even when my table's in a mess! i fell blessed to be doing what i love. i love blogging and sharing the results as well. yesterday i wrote a post on my other blog about being so close to putting a full stop to blogging. but after a very long consideration, i've decided to stay on.

Life's been good for us here. we're trully thankful for that. i've never thought in a million years that i'd be settling down here for good - being a wife to an amazing man, a mother to a wonderful son, be surrounded with warm friendly people and to be doing the things i do best. Hardy and i often talk on how grateful we are to be living a balanced life here. we both have gone through some horrible patches, but i trully believe that without those rough times, we wouldnt be able to appreciate life as it is now. we'd never thought we'd be this blessed. i wish everyone would be this happy, if not more.

I am also blessed to get to know most of my readers out there. some without them knowing are very dear to me. just by reading what you wrote made my day! thank you for your comments and support and how i wish i could give each one of you a big huge hug! i shall continue blogging.. for now at least!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Colour in my Garden

Good morning everyone! it's bright and sunny outside and my plants are flowering, and so i thought i'd make a card that reflects my garden. i have quite a lot of purple flowers, some are growing better than others i should say! but they're all doing good.

We're still doing our garden slabs, Hardy worked extra hard yesterday! till 8 (now that it's summer, it gets dark at 9ish). the good thing about living here is, you dont have the chance to be lazy! you do everything yourself. we did almost everything ourselves with our home - from doing the floring, fixing up the entire kitchen to carrying the garden slabs in our car (imagine the weight! but thank god we have an estate!).

It's almost 8 and i should head to the showers, we hope to finish up the slabs later today (finger's crossed!). hopefully the weather will stay! ooopppss, there it is, our son is up! on second thoughts the shower can wait... off to get him to mess our bed!

Enjoy your Sunday, will reply to comments later today!

Friday, 25 July 2008

Home Sweet Home

I miss having my sister around. we're extremely close and whenever we have the chance to meet up, we will definitely grab that opportunity. she was here for a couple of weeks and we just had the best time! she's been rather down eversince they all got back from their holiday here with us. we miss them so much, it's pretty much back into routine here in our home and we hope things are ok there at hers as well.

It normally takes a few days, sometimes it might drag to weeks to be back into routine after you come back from a vacation. i spoke to my brother in law a couple of days back and ask how my sister's doing. he said, everything's ok and they all miss Holland and that they're still on holiday mood! i take it as they had a good time here with us...

I then said, it doesnt matter where you go, where you stayed, how much fun you had, but it's always nicer to be back in your own home, sleeping in your own bed, with your own pillows, waking up to your morning papers and resting in your own living room....

Dont you agree? i suppose that is why they say Home Sweet Home....

I'm gonna enjoy my Friday and the weekend, and i hope you will do so too! enjoy your home!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

{ The Best }

It is always quite challenging to make cards for men. i sometimes struggle when someone asks for a card for their husbands and boyfriends. of course there are plenty of things you can incorporate in the card, so many manly embellishments from fishing to golf but somehow i'm not inclined to them (or maybe i dont know how to work with such stuff!). perhaps i should give it a go one of these days... maybe i'd surprise myself, who knows!
This card was ordered by K.Sharifah a couple of months ago for her husband (sorry i've forgotten to blog about it till today!). a very simple one, but still maintain the classy black and neutral look. i combined different textures and motives and used my stamps for the words. added foam stickers behind to give it a raised effect.

I hope it made both of them smiled.

I think the sun might shine again today (fingers crossed). and when it does, we're going to sit in the garden and get some sun (its about time!). have a sun-shiny day everyone! till my next post....

Monday, 21 July 2008

~ Aiesha ~

I've had a brilliant time with my family. my sister Fifi and her family left for the UK after a 2 week holiday here with us. it was wicked, we travelled north, south, east and west and did a lot of walking, driving, photo taking, playing, laughing and not to mention shopping!

Sorry for not being able to write much sooner. i was enjoying myself too much till i've forgotten all about blogging! will blog more often now that i'm back into routine!

A day before my nephew Ferran's birthday was my cousin's daughter's 1st birthday. she's as cute as a bug and growing cuter each day. here's what i did for her..

Now that the whole family have moved into a new home, i hope she gets to enjoy her time outside in the garden. hope she will get to see butterflies, fireflies and enjoy the flowers. now that she's 1, and soon she'll have a lil sister, i'm pretty sure she'll have a room of her own. so i made a door hanger for her new room.

Sorry we cant be there on your birthday Aiesha, but we're sure you have had the best day with everyone! lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses from auntie zaza, uncle hardy and aidan!

Monday, 14 July 2008

{Going Green}

Sorry guys.. sorry i havent been blogging on both blogs for quite a while now. we just got back from a short holiday getaway, with the entire family. we went up north and rented a bungalow in the woods! everything was green and it was just nice for all to unwind and relax.

I havent been crafting for almost 2 weeks now, eversince my sister Fifi and her family got here. we're all spending lots and lots of time together, catching up and just basically enjoying each other's company. its so nice to get to laugh our hearts out and just be silly!

We didnt have any internet connection there, therefore we had to entertain each other! got home around 6ish and it is now almost 11pm. the kids are settled and asleep and finally, i'm on the net after not being infront of the computer for 4 days!

I did this card before my sister arrived for a new friend, Ninie who ordered quite a few. very pleased it turned out good. i love olive green.

I'm gonna finish up unpacking and then i'm going to hit the sack. if all are up to it, we might go to Brussels tomorrow! thanks for visiting, and thanks for leaving such nice, lovely comments! have a wonderful week ahead guys!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Still in the Mood for Birthdays!

I havent been crafting for almost a week now. the whole entire family's busy enjoying ourselves and spending time with each other. we wish the weather could have been better but who cares about the weather when we've got each other ey? ;)

Made this tag card last couple of weeks. i still cant get enough of my MS border punch! they add such sweetness! i dont have that much time to sit infront of the computer lately, but i shall try my best to reply each comments the soonest!

Hardy's in Milan today, and Aidan's keeping me company in the room. the birthday boy and his mummy and daddy in Aidan's room and Opa and Oma are upstairs... all sound asleep... i should be going as well.. it's past midnight... good night everyone, i'm off to brush me teeth now! till my next post, take care!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

My Nephew Ferran is One!

It was my nephew's birthday yesterday, the 4th of July. he's one! my sister and her family arrived from Warwick the day before and it was so so much fun seeing the boys, both Ferran and Aidan together! it can get a little bit chaotic at times, but it was all a big fun!

We celebrated Ferran's birthday modestly. with tonnes of pressents (i wonder it they all will fit in the car!). will share some photos in my facebook and in my other blog soon.

I did this card for him.. i was almost cracking my head trying to figure out what kind of card i'd like him to have on his 1st! did everything from scratch and i'm really really happy the parents loved it! (Ferran caught a glimps of the card but was too occupied with all his pressies!)

He's one happy baby. one happy boy. he's growing really really fast and boy, time really flies when you're having fun!

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY FERRAN! we all love you very very much!

Anyway, will post on another card i made for Ferran soon, everyone's waiting for me downstairs for breakfast... and then we're gonna go for some shopping and sightseeing! you guys have a wonderful weekend with your families, i know i sure will!

Sunday 06.07.08

Just a quick update before i head to bed. it is almost midnight, and we've just about done playing Wii and downloading some photos. have to wake up early tomorrow as we're going to Antwerp. thought i'd share with you 2 more cards for Ferran. mum asked me to make one for Ferran, and the second one was from Aidan. he scribbled and pasted Ferran's initial!

Looks like i'm going to be the last one to brush my teeth! everyone else are ready to hit the sack and the boys are sound asleep in their cots. so... till my next post! good night everyone! have a wonderful week ahead!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

{ W I S H }

Gosh! how fast time flies! it's already July! and where did June go?!?! i did not get to finish a lot of things last month, there are simply too many things i want to do but i havent had much time sitting infront of my craft table lately (blame it all on big brother!! it takes an hour of my crafting time at night! every single day! gosh, i'm a real sucker for reality tv!).

So anyway, this is July. there's so many things i wish to do this month. and there's so many people to wish of all the good things too this month!

My nephew Ferran will be celebrating his 1st birthday on the 4th. my cousin K.Na will also be celebrating her birthday on the 10th, her daughter Aiesha will be celebrating her 1st birthday on the 3rd, Faizal's is tomorrow and it's my good friend Dayat's birthday today! anyone elses in July?

To all July babies, here's wishing you guys all the best things in life, loads more love, laughter, good health and wealth, tonnes of happiness and may all your wishes come true!