Friday, 29 May 2009


Just a quick post before i fetch my bumble bee from his playschool. it's been a lovely week and we'll be having another long weekend, monday's a public holiday here in holland! loads of spring activities and concerts going on, we might do some cycling and who knows some gardening as well!

I had a quick chat with my best friend yesterday and was inspired to make this card! i also received a couple of emails saying i've inspired them to craft! it made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy knowing i've inspired someone! thank you, thank you very much! just remember, everyone's creative in their own special way! you wont know it until you try! so go on, give it a shot girls!

Back to the card, i love the bold damask pattern on the paper and how well these 3 colours combine! added a butterfly chipboard and flower. topped with a gem. stitched the paper, added trimmings and a beautiful vellum by one of my favourite designers Anna Griffin!

I should get going.. i will reply emails and comments soon. have a lovely weekend my lovely friends.. as usual, thanking you for all the sweet words and wishing you loads of happiness, always! 

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sweet Tweets!

Are you enjoying the weather? i certainly am! spring's absolutely beautiful! i love the smell of spring and not to mention the sound of spring! birds chirping happily during the day... the smell of fresh flowers and grass... trully blissful! the sun rise very early here this time of the year. birds starts chirping and tweeting everyday at 5 in the morning. i wake up every morning to hear them! lots of them!

I love crochets... i dont make them myself, but i collect them from flea markets and buy them new at the shops. they're so feminine and sweet i wish i know how to make them!

Made this card using one of the new ones i bought at the shops long, long time ago... used a few of my favourite petals and pearls and added velvet ribbon on the side. 

For the past one month we have been busy entertaining! its lovely catching up.. chatting (and eating) away with our guests... especially when they're such wonderful company! how i wish we had more time!

Remember i blogged about these daffodils and petals a couple of posts ago? well, i've finally put them to use! our dear dear friends from paris came over with their beautiful newborn baby daugther Eva. it was Eva's first holiday out of France and we were so happy to have them all here at our home!

I wish i had more time to make her a special banner. i did this one to hang on the bedroom door. 

We had a brilliant time together! it was a very long weekend, we went sightseeing and did some shopping at the outlets, i had a blast! i was so beat, i slept at 10pm every night for the past 5 days!

It's now past midnight, i guess i've recouperate from the tiredness! it was all worth it, i'd do it all over again! anyway.. i should get going.. waking up to the birds again tomorrow! 

Have a lovely day everyone... love always!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

{Colour Your Life}

My son and i have been enjoying each other. we chased butterflies and bugs and hunt for frogs in the garden today. it is such a joy to see him get all excited and trying to converse in 3 languages at once. he cracks me up and i am most of the time in awe, i kept saying "allaaa sayang" to almost everything he says. my face will beam with pride.

Motherhood's been pretty amazing. i am trully utterly blessed to be having such life. i cant be thankful enough. it's really a struggle to find that balance, but when you do (or come close to it), you will enjoy the reward and live even more! i felt that today.

Here are a couple of cards i created today when my little bee was napping. i quite like the striking orange combination, and of course, who doesnt like pastels?!

Such a lovely combination of colours, dont you think? i think this is how we all should colour our lives! pretty, simple, soft and enchanting!

I should get going..  off to watch telly with hardy. will reply to emails bit by bit. do bear with me. have a wonderful week ahead everybody! we'll be having a long weekend and more guests coming over! our special guests are coming all the way from Paris this time! it'll be exciting! i should get the linens ready... and get the baby cot ready! till next time, good night and dont forget to colour your life pretty tomorrow!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

~ Voor Mijn Allerliefste Moeder~

I'm a little teary as i write this. I have a wonderful mum. she is my idol, i think the world of her. she has so so much love in her, she has creative hands, she's warm, gentle, funny, ambitious, strong and everything good in between! she's amazing and i feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have her as my mum.

She inspires me with her creativity. we work well together. i admire and look up to her. we all do....

Our Mother's day was just as sweet as those white peonies i bought for her. we enjoyed our outing last sunday very very much. Hardy and i took her to den Bosch, to a fair for all jewellery makers! oh my god!!! we almost went crazy when we entered the hall! we were there for more than 5 hours and had an excellent time looking at each and every single bead and findings! brilliant! we enjoyed ourselves!

Aidan made a card for Oma as well! does he take after his mum, you reckon? oh well, maybe just the pasting skills!

Coming back from the fair, mum said to us in the car "i am the happiest mother in the world!" and on behalf of my sister and i, i'm sure we think the same, we're the most luckiest and happiest daughters in the world mum! enjoy all your beads and treassures! you're our true gem! we love you!

"No painter's brush, nor poet's pen

In justice to her fame

Has ever reached half high enough

To write a mother's name."

To all mothers, i certainly hope you've had a good Mother's Day!

Love always,

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Smiles & Good Times

Good times! we certainly had some good times in Switzerland and Italy! it was quite a trip but we have had a lovely spring break. snapped more than a thousand good shots and now scratching our heads as to which to chose for printing! sorry I didnt get the chance to write about these few stuff before i left. i did manage to get them posted though! we hosted a dinner and with the packing and all, i just didnt have the chance to blog about them. and now that i'm back, checked my email, boy! i've got so so many emails to reply!

Here's a board and a notebook i made for Zura. she liked the album i did for dad and asked for a similar one but smaller. so this one's a notebook for her to scribble her notes. I love adding metal embellishments to everything these days! they're absolutely charming!

Zura wanted to give an anniversary present to her other half and i told her that i'd make her a board with their initials and she could hang it. the brown center bit is a space where she can add a photo of them together.

Off to another order.. another board. Ema wanted to hang something in her new kitchen. she loves cupcakes (arent they cute?!). i covered the board with fabric and used one of my white doilies (something every kitchen and craftroom should have!) to decorate.

I wasnt sure of the length of the board that would suit the spot in her kitchen. and so i figured the best way is to provide her with a long ribbon and pegged them with a painted peg. that way, she can adjust whatever length she choses.

Apart from buttons, i love pegs! i collect every size from the tinest to the old ones... Added chipboard for her name, cardstock saying, buttons, lace and trimmings i bought at czech republic and voila! i really enjoyed myself working with these two projects!

I should be off now. we currently have a guest staying over and i'm taking her shopping today before i go fetch Aidan at his playschool. thanks for hopping by! i hope the weather there is much much better than what we currently have here in Sittard! the clouds are out today.. i miss the birds and the sun and hope they'll come out pretty soon! regardless the weather, i will surely have a good day! i hope you do too!