Saturday, 20 June 2009

Berry Sweet

Aardbei! Aardbei!!!!! een doosje voor een euro!!!

That's what you hear when you go to the markets! Aidan is now hooked to that phrase!

My boys and i have been enjoying these bunch of sweet berries for the last couple of weeks now! it is now the season and you can get them almost everywhere! they cost 1 euro for the whole box! the smell just captures you! the sweet, sweet smell of strawberries! dont you just love them?!

Thought of making pies but they taste way too good on their own! we had strawberries for breakfast. served with the ever so famous dutch "poffertjes" (aidan's favourite!). ripe bananas and sprinkled with a tiny bit of sugar (aidan prefers his with honey).

And what do you do when it's hot outside? well, there's certainly no need to go to slush parlours or those highly expensive cafes to get your ice blended! make your own! plenty of ice, fresh strawberries and a tad bit of aidan's organic no sugar apple syrup! that should cool anybody down! what's the verdict?

That look on my son's face says it all! i'm so thankful that i have the time to cook and serve my boys! pure satisfaction to see that kind of reaction! have a lovely weekend everyone. it's almost one in the morning and i'm gonna call it a day! what a hectic (but beautiful) week it has been! enjoy the weather, enjoy food, enjoy life!


Monday, 8 June 2009

Pegs, Plates & its Pouring!

I've had a wonderful week spending time with my boys. its just one of those quiet times where you just sit, enjoy and take it all in- their smiles, their giggles, their gazing... i managed to finish up all the washing and now left with half of the ironing to go before we go on our summer holidays. washing and ironing... they're never ending! (not that i'm complaining!).

Aidan's on potty training and i find myself mopping the floor at least 3 times a day! he's not getting it (yet) but i'm pretty sure he will very soon! we had quite a bit of a laugh everytime it happened! i smiled to all his "uh-ohhh"s and "mama, basah!"

The weather's been pretty weird lately. it's pouring outside. we've been getting a lot of rain and temp is at an unusual 14c! we're still in our jackets and i'm still wearing my thick socks around the house!unusual for june! but then again, this is holland!

Anyway, just to share with you some of the things i collect - Pegs! i have all kinds of them from the tiniest one to the biggest, from plastic to wooden ones! These lovely pegs serve more than just one purpose! i've had them for quite a while but decided to share with you one of its functions. i use them to store my laces and ribbons. i painted them and now they sit in my pail buckets in my craft room.

I've decided to sell some of the newly painted ones and give some away to a couple of my special crafty friends where i know they'll put it into good use!

The other thing i'm collecting these days are these small plates/coasters. sweet ones. i found these recently while out shopping at one of the outlets. soooo sweet! i love their colours and the curves- unlike the typical round ones. you can do a couple of things with them as well, you can hang them or if you have nice ones like these, you can frame it up! but as for now, i'm just going to enjoy it's original beauty before i decide on what to do with them!

I'm currently busy making a few gifts and some gift bags! will share when they're ready. thanks for hopping by. here's sending all you girls all the sweetest wishes you can think of! enjoy your day!