Friday, 26 September 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

This is my 3rd Raya here, in the Netherlands, but probably my 8th time spending raya out of Malaysia. yes i do miss home especially this time around, with all the food you can get, and meeting most family memebers (mostly crazy wicked cousins), i miss going to my best friend Yoyo's house and have leftovers.. i miss the sound of fireworks at night, and the raya songs they play on the radio, i miss the smell of raya (if you know what i mean) - the smell of new curtains, new paint, cookies and cakes in the oven...

But eversince we got here, we havent been really focusing much on raya. 

To us, now that we're all grown up and pretty much wiser, raya is not all about food. raya is not all about new things in the house, new clothes, new shoes and what we're gonna wear. raya for us is to be thankful and grateful and most importantly, raya is all about giving and forgiving.

If i have ten hands, i'd send all of you a card. but with everything that's been going on lately, i only managed to make less than half of what i intended to make! we posted our cards, couple of weeks back and hope they have arrived. with or without a card, one thing is for sure, we wish the same for everyone.

I wish everyone will enjoy their time together. i wish everyone a safe journey, and since its all about giving and forgiving, this is what i could give and wish for all of you - i ask for yours, and i give you my forgiveness, and i also wish you all the love.

To all our friends and families who always hop by to 'visit' us here, 

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

To Aidan's Friends

Remember the mess i had on my craft table last week? well, if you been to my other blog, you'd see the mess i've created for several weeks! it was all for the school...

Yes.. yes.. i know i told you that there wasnt any big parties, no big hoo-haa's for Aidan's birthday... but these are not for him! these are for his friends at playschool! i was once a Montessori preschool teacher, and i know how it's like being one. this was just to thank everyone at his school!

The school normally throws the kids a party, celebrating their birthdays. they deocrate the halls with banners and buntings.. they'd play music and make them birthday hats and give them presents. and in return, this was what i made for everyone.

I made bags - 16 of them from scratch. wanted it to be as plain and simple, and nothing of those with baloons and letters sold at the shop. mum said why on earth am i asking for more things to do whereas i've already got too much to make!

Hardy printed the wordings for the paperbags and we filled it up with loads of goodies! not too much sugar i hope-  just biscuits with yogurt, plain biscuits, raisins and a tiny dutch traditional cake. i love the packaging! sweet and they're pastel!!!

For the boys, i did flags... it didnt have any sharp elements, tried to make it as safe as i could. had their names on each flag! they have the cutest names! and you should see them in person as well!!

And for the girls, awww... of course.. the girls... life wouldnt be complete without a flower for the girls... and again, each with their names on them!

And to the carers, i had round plain boxes decorated with the most simplest things - ribbons, gems and tiny flowers, with their initials on the boxes.

Aidan came home knackered! i take it as he had a good time at school! will write more on Aidan's day at my other blog... 

Thank you guys, thank you to each and every single one of you for all the kind, birthday wishes. you guys never fail to make me smile with each of your comments and well wishes. i will try to reply to all individual comments made (including previous posts) soon..

Love always,

Monday, 22 September 2008

Aidan is 2!

Aidan is 2! we had a tiny little party for him yesterday. a party of 3! it is easy to spoil a child, very easy. but even before Aidan came into the world, Hardy and i both talked about how we're gonna bring up our child (or children, should there be others). 

We are going to try and be as moderate as we can, on each and every single birthday. i dont want him to fuss about his birthdays and insisting on presents later... it should be just a day full of thankfulness, and be as simple as it can be. Therefore, no big expensive toy, no big cakes, no big parties, simply just us, having a big laugh, with big smiles throughout, and a huge big fun!

Aidan's a big fan of choo choos. not far from our house is a railway track and we could hear them pass by. he'd always stop and look at them everytime we're outside. and everytime when we're in the car, he'll be the one who'll be pointing out when there's a train!

And so i made him a birthday card with a choo choo train on it. i also did a party hat for him, with cars, trucks and digger on them... (which he refuse to wear!)
oh well, i'll just put it in his room...

Since there's just gonna be the 3 of us (and both Hardy and i are fasting), i decided not to order a cake, but make some cupcakes. with Aidan just turned 2, i didnt want to put too many sugar on them. but guess what, he picked those tiny little toppings, and ate one whole lion faced sugar and left the cake to us!

Our son Aidan is now 2. I had a lovely day yesterday. i sure do hope Aidan enjoyed his day too!

So, what did we get for Aidan? we brought him on an old diesel train ride from Valkenburg to Simpleveld! and what did we get in return, a very happy 2 year old full of ammusement!

Happy 2nd Birthday Aidan! 
We love you so so much, with all our hearts!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A Yummylicious Wall Deco

I told my dear husband that i'd like to have the basement to display most of the things i make and collect. i'd like to keep my craftroom strictly as a studio where i'll be working and the rest of the house strictly as 'lived in' as possible. 

He and Dad then jumped to the idea and get straight to business!! they are more excited than i am! the basement is just a tiny space that we currently have, unused and in very rustic and raw (i dont know how else to describe it!). it needs lots and lots of work, painting and covering up those pipes!

Quite recently, on my hunt for some collectables for the basement, i stumbled upon this really old looking (but new) key hanger. the company that made this has a line of beautiful home deco, all vintage and rustic looking. i think they are adorable!! of course, it came with a price (yikes!) and since i've been quite good this month, i decided to treat myself to it! 

I told myself that i cant be spending that much on a wooden plank. i can make my own wall deco for the basement. well, nothing close but at least it's handmade! 

I have this picture in my head as to how i want the basement to be. with lots of junks, repaired junks, with shabby fabrics, with lots of second hand display furniture i can get at the market.... gosh!! tonnes of ideas!! and these 2 sweet yummy wall decoration to hang!

If you'd like them, i can make one for you to hang as well!! it gives me toothache just by looking at them! hehe...

Till next time guys, love and best wishes always,

(p.s: i am currently cleaning up my craftroom and those tins that you see in the last picture, well, i intend to sell some of it! will snap proper photos and let you know)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Thank You Salina

I received my first Eid card from my first ever customer - the sweet lovely Salina! and inside was my duit raya!! (thank you salina for the payment!). She ordered 5 thank you cards for her tutors in Manchester. This was one of the cards i made for her...

I have been very selfish for not keeping in touch with her, but it's been certainly good to know that's she's doing well, completed her studies (yey!!! everyone's proud of you!), and soon will be moving to the land of my favourite soap, Home and Away! (down under!)

I sincerely hope she'll succeed in everything, and i personally hope that we could meet one day! once again, thank you Salina. thank you so so much for your orders! you're such a sweetie! we'll be in touch!

Monday, 15 September 2008

The Hydrangeas Story

I'm feeling much better today, and just before i get back to my crafting, i thought i should write at least just a bit for you guys... 

You might have noticed, and probably read that i collect boxes. even shoeboxes! our last trip to the Czech Republic, i saw this really gorgeous tiny little gift shop, full of sweet things and just cant help it but to treat myself to one!

They had a good collection of shoeboxes, as well as hat boxes. printed ones. i almost fainted! after rounds of elimination, i stood infront of the counter with 2 boxes, as the finalists! i just couldnt decide. i knew i had to pick only one, as we were short of space in the car. and with the price and all, i knew i had to let go of one.

Mum then told me that she wants one, to keep all her beads and craft. and so i felt relieved! at least it's gonna ended up with someone i know! someone who'd appreciate them as much as i do! and so she paid for the big hatbox, and i paid for the smaller round one.

Yipee! we then happily (and me worriedly) walked back to the car, with our husbands (and son/grandson) waiting. they didnt say anything, they just showed us some expressions on their faces (eyes and mouth wide open), we right away said, "murah!!" (cheap!!). we love our supportive husbands very much!!

Anyway... we got back from Czech Republic smiling.. that night after unpacking, i entered my room and the big hatbox was on my craft table, with a little note: 

adik, thank you for a wonderful holiday. i bought this for you! with love, mum.

I just had to make her a thank you card. a thank you card that will remind her of the hydrangeas hatbox she bought me in Czech!

Thank you mum...

Sunday, 14 September 2008

A quickie!

I am down. down with a bug. sorry for being quiet for the past couple of days. i havent been cooking (but i have been secretly finishing up crafting!). Dad's been an angel in the kitchen and cooked some serious meals for us lately!

There's a lot to share but i'm too bugged to be digging up the photos, and so i thought i'd share this little tip with you.. just a quickie...

Yes i do use ready made sauces, rarely but when you have an active (almost) 2 year old boy, i'd tend to cut my hours in the kitchen shorter. one of the ready made sauces i have in the kitchen is Adabi's perencah mee hoon. and let me let you in in a little secret. i add a can of tuna in my meehoon! 

My neighbours loved them, and so did everyone else!

There you go, try it! serve with eggs, fried onions and shreaded salad leaves (a whole leaf would be nicer for presentation!)

Hope i'll feel much better tomorrow so that i can share more! gosh i hope your weekend's way better than mine!! will reply comments soon.. till my next post!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

My Gem and Her Gems

I wrote about how difficult it was for me and for my parents back then during those Ramadhan months in my other blog. i wrote about how hard we worked and how determined we were to make it during those difficult times...

Remember i mentioned that mum had to sell her crafts to get extra cash during those days? well, she still sells them till today! crafting is our passion. she's my idol, she's inspirational, she's an allrounder, she's trully gifted in all her craftwork. she's been doing all sorts of crafting eversince, but she's been totally hooked to her gems for more than 4 years now. we've been keeping it quiet but we think it's time to share some of the beauties she has created!

Well... here it is guys... here's the news...

Hear Yee Hear Yee...

May i present you.. my mum, and her gems!

(No, i am not expecting (sorry to disappoint some of you - Ranee & Aida, you guys are so cute lah! hahaha).  all of us here had a good laugh! thanks for making us smile with all your kind thoughts! having another one is another long story.. perhaps i should write about it one day.. )

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Hungry Anyone?

Since you guys have been so sweet and patient with me... here's a little sweet treat! i know i promised to announce something soon.. but the computer's been down the whole day today. and i still need a few hours to compose myself and compose the news before i could share it with you lot! (dont congratulate me yet guys!)

This was my cupcake theme gift set - it includes a card, a gift box and a magnet. i adore them and i enjoyed making them so much! i almost couldnt stop! (actually. i'm still making somemore!)

I made 7 of these magnets and i'm now left with only 1 at home. will make more of them soon. if any of you would like to have a 'taste' of it, feel free to drop me a line and i'd be happy to give you a quote and make them for you!

I'll let you savour the cakes now... i'm off to bed and hopefully the computer will be better tomorrow... good night everyone... hop by again soon!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

On Aidan's Wall

Aidan had a good day at playschool today and he is now napping. i've just finished all my Hari Raya cards (will get shots of them later) and now preparing myself for Aidan's 2nd birthday this 21st. i'm gonna make some favours for all his friends at school and i'm gonna give a small gift to all the carers, bake some cookies for the kids and a cake for us.

Speaking about Aidan, here's a little project i did for his room - a wall deco.

Eversince he was in my tummy, i could picture the things i'd do for his room. and this was one of them! i used some blank canvas and added textures on them, creating his name.

I ate a lot of ice lollies when i was carrying him 2 years ago (my favourite was this one called raket - ais krim roket in malay!!) you know... the one with red, green and yellow!! anyway.. just to be reminded of that, and that one hot long summer aidan was inside of me, i used some ice cream sticks for this one.

I am so loving fabrics these days and used some dark blue denim for 'i' and frilled the edges. and since i have tonnes of papers and buttons, i used them both for the next 'a' (this was my favourite!).

and as for the 'd' i used some soft frilly thing (wired) - sorry i dont know what its called, i got at the craft section at one of the shops. and last but not least, i painted the 'n' using some acrylic olive paint.

And there we have it... A-i-d-a-n... in all textures - wood, fabric, wired frilly thing, paper and paint! good for his sensory!!

I must go now.. have to make use of my 'free' time as aidan's still napping... have to shoot those raya cards... till my next post!

the announcement will be soon... promise! (am i killing you with the suspense yet or not!?!)