Sunday, 27 April 2008

Wickedly Cool!

I am extremely lucky to have a really cool brother in law. he's just like a brother whom i can talk to and open up to. he's simply wicked with a strange sense of humour!

Today's his birthday. due to the bug i recently had, i didnt have much time to make a really good card, and to get him a really good present, but thankfully Royal Mail had no strikes and he received the parcel before his birthday.

Here's to Redza, you're awesome, you're wickedly cool, you're wonderful and you're so so much fun! here's wishing you all the happiness, good health and may all your dreams come true. we love you and hope to see you soon (july kan?!)

Friday, 25 April 2008

Something For the Twins

I dont have much time to write, i'm doing some rearranging (Aidan's room), cleaning (all the rooms), washing and tumble drying (3 loads!), folding (once out of the dryer), changing (our sheets) AND packing (we're going on a holiday!!!!!) - notice i left the ironing bit? hehe. but since i promised to post another craft entry today, here it is!

I did this for my sister. she wanted a card for one of her friends, expecting twins, due next month. but i decided to make her something different instead. these are lightweight frames made out of felt, backed with thick boards for support and finished them off with some buttons, ribbons and felt decorations i found at a sale section of a shop. something they can display at their nursery, or perhaps hang it. had their initials cut out - F for Felipe and G for Guilherme.

We hope they will like it, but more importantly, we hope they will have a safe delivery next month! And as usual, here's to all of you all, thanks for visiting, have a Good Friday and enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

The Crave

We sometimes crave for the food back home. and this is definitely one of them - Keropok Lekor! after seeing Jo's keropok lekor on her blog, i told her, i just had to do it! and so i kept my fingers crossed, rolled up my sleeves and did it!

Its just basically, fish and flour, boiled then fried. but the process takes ages! i was trying to get rid of all the bones till i realized that that would be almost impossible! it was a very fishy business, but it was all worth it! somehow mine lacks the "lekor-ness" (whatever that means!). it tasted more like ordinary keropok. i didnt add any ajinomoto (i've never bought it before, but they do sell them here!), like what Jo did, that's probably why! Jo! Help!!!

I managed to snap only one photo, it didnt last more than a minuite on the plate! if you know what i mean! oh, and hardy insisted on the shape (i wanted it to be cute and tiny) but whatever the shape or size, the 3 of us enjoyed it very very much! you certainly must not judge the book by its cover! hehe. but how we (or maybe i, since hardy didnt complain at all!) wish it could be just like those ones back in Malaysia!

Click here for Jo's recipe.

I'm going to join Hardy in bed now (watching the new season of Heroes la!). will blog again on crafts tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

~Hearty Crafty~

I didnt quite like how this one turned out. i was expecting something more. perhaps the colours are all wrong. perhaps it's way too straight forward. but here's just to share. i am currently into stamps, and making less cards (perhaps if more people would buy it, then i'd make more! haha..), but i'm making other stuff, paper craft related of course. i'm currently busy playing with my new stamps and ink pads and not to mention toying with vellums! i'll try and see what i can come up with and put them up in here.

One tip, if you want the edgy look on your papers, remember to tear them towards you. this might help to create that sort of look. now i'm wishing i have that distress ink to just add a little bit more of edgy-ness look! perhaps that's the thing it lacks! maybe i should run to my favourite craft shop later this week now that i'm feeling better!

Oh, buttons. those who know me, will know that i trully, madly, deeply, love, adore buttons! i'm going to finish up a few more thank you cards now that my stamps are here, and just a few touches finishing up a black and white card for a very sweet lady to send to her husband. Aidan is napping, i should be crafting! till my next post... thanks for all the lovely comments, i will now try to reply them... take care!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

{Petals Perfect}

Sorry for not putting up anything new for the past 4-5 days. i've been a little bit unwell. well, maybe slightly more than a little bit (if you want, you can read it here). but i am feeling ok now, almost back to normal. me head keeps on spinning now and again but apart from that, i'm ok. sorry to scare most of you, but i am, honestly ok now.

Thank you so so SO much for all your well wishes. i am trully touched! i wish i could give each one of you a big huge hug!

Anyway, back to arty crafty. this is something withOUT a splash of pink (sorry milkberry, will post more pink stuff soon k!). Here's something blue instead. not to reflect how i'm currently feeling, no. i'm feeling bright and sunny yellow now! perhaps i should do something yellow tonight?!

I was inspired by one of the magazines i flipped through not long ago (i cant remember which one now..) what they did was they cut out each petals out using different papers. i wrote the word 'love' on two of the petals, pasted a few sequins on another, added gold polkadots, and then i added a big white bling bling at the center! a brown velvet ribbon to finish it off.

I dont have much time now to reply to each individual comments, but i will do so very very soon. promise! but here's to Pugly, yes, i do sell most of my cards, to those who are interested. (the blogsite to sell most of my stuff is still under construction, forgive me, i am very slow!)

Until my next post, enjoy the rest of your weekend! have a great sunday and take good good care of your health!!! i know i will!

Monday, 14 April 2008

{My Little Pink Book}

See! i told you! i'm now hooked to pink! i'm not a big fan of pink but somehow pink seems to attract my eyes these days. this was my last week's project. and somehow, this week, i've embarked on yet another pink project! just wait and see!

I'm always hunting for good bargains. i'm the one who stands at the bargain corner, or infront of bargain baskets in shops and dig my hands into each and every single item there is. my eyes are always on the lookout for them, but i carefully select them. i found these notebooks at a pharmacy shop! there was a tiny section of stationaries in there, and somewhere underneath the piles of notepads, there were these cute little fabric covered notebooks. they come plain, undecorated and i didnt hesitate to grab them and head straight to the till. loads can be done to them. besides, they were all 50% off!

The pink tessal was a bargain as well! thread your own beads to coordinate with your theme. it will add a whole difference!

So, i've made myself a book to remeber birthdays. i have quite a few now to remember, few new friends, new addition to the family... hope i'll remember to send them a card! again, thanks for the comments and emails guys! i've read them all and will reply to them individually tomorrow. as it's almost midnight... i better head off to bed. till my next post!

Friday, 11 April 2008

Pastel Pink

Just something to share for the weekend. i did this last week. i didnt have much time, and so i decided to make it plain and simple. i quite like the pastel pink and yellow combination. i dont know why but i'm currently into pink! i find myself picking up pink papers, pink ribbons, pink flowers... just wait till you see a few others i did recently! most of them consist of pink!

I love making baby cards. you tend to make them sweet as a candy, pastel and you can surely dress them up!

Ok, its getting late. i better hit the sack and call it a day. here's wishing all of you a great weekend. thanks for all the comments, as usual, lots of love from the bottom of my heart! (i promise to cook this weekend! it was ages ago since i posted a cooking post!). Welterusten...

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Baby Blues

A lot of my friends and relatives are expecting, some about to give birth anytime now! Amy in Bangkok is due i think today, Sabrina back in KL is due sometime this month, Juan is expecting a princess and my K.Na is due in September (hopefully close to Aidan's birthdate!). so to celebrate their births, i should better get going with some cards. my sister is ordering some for her friends as well..

Most people keep their doilies in the kitchen. i keep mine in my craft room. they are ever so useful for almost everything from scrapboking, cardmaking to decorating almost all papercrafts. i used some light coloured chipboards, pale blue gingham ribbon and a flower paper ribbon.

Oh, and by the way, that bear is Aidan's first friend- B (B can be for almost anything- bruin, bear, busuk...) but whatever it is, he's the Best! he kept Aidan company since the day he was born.

I'm gonna make more now... and not to mention finishing up some orders. thanks for all your comments. i really appreciate them! till my next post...

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

~Thank You All, With All My Love~

I have had a wonderful weekend. Hardy came back from Riyadh just in time for my birthday and took Friday off work. it was enjoyable, it was a humble day and some interesting presents! although i didnt expect any... it's always a bonus! no treassure hunt unlike last year, but it was just how i'd want it to be. a simple less busy day.

And so Hardy got Aidan ready for school, Hardy sent Aidan to school, Hardy did most of Aidan's changing, Hardy washed the glasses, I didnt cook, i did almost absolutely nothing! we went out, the first half of the morning, just the two of us. we held hands just like old days before we started pushing a stroller... it was nice. we then fetched Aidan slightly earlier than normal, and had everyone at the school wished me happy birthday. and then we went for lunch, aidan played at the indoor playhouse, then off to shop for some lightings for the house and then headed to town square to have my birthday dinner.

This is to each and every single one of you, thank you so much for the birthday wishes, for calling, for the text msgs, for writing comments on my facebook and friendster and to my wonderful readers, thanks for dropping by in here, thank you for the kind, kind words. i am trully overwhelmed.

With all my love,

Friday, 4 April 2008


When one gets older and hopefully much wiser, there isnt much to celebrate. instead of celebrating, one needs to be thankful. i am indeed thankful to so, so many things in life.

But this year's different. unlike previous years, this year, i am extremely at ease with my age. i am proud to be the person that i am. i am pleased with what i have accomplished. i am extremely grateful with what i have. i am extremely thankful with all His blessings and i grew to be much much happier than previous years.

Birthdays are suppose to be for our mum and dads, for giving us life, for giving us love, for putting up with us, for giving us their best. birthdays are suppose to be for those who shapes us into what we are today. and with that, i have got so many people to thank.

And of course my life was complete with the presence of Hardy. i have more life in me than i ever had before. i then entered motherhood. and when Aidan came into the world, i've never felt so content. every minute now is worth the pain i endured during labour!

So today, i ask myself what more can i possibly wish for. i have had the best years, the best people - family and friends, the best love, the best of everything in life. i should really, really be thankful.

31 today. 31 wonderful years filled with love, fun, sorrows, ups and downs. just one wish. i wish everybody could feel as happy and loved, if not much much more than what i'm currently feeling!