Wednesday, 27 February 2008

On My Window

Just a quick post before i hit the sack. it's past midnight and i'm feeling a little bit under the weather today. but despite it all, i managed to finish a few projects (hurray!) Will reply comments soon, promise. Just to share what i currently have on my window, next to my table, where i craft - my favourite flower.

I love ranunculus. i love every single colour of them. i normally get them fresh from the market every saturdays. they belong to the buttercup family. originally they come from the middle east, hence their alternative name is "turban buttercup". they have hollow stems, so if you have problem keeping them straight, you can either cut the stems short or insert a wire to keep them upright.
Everytime i look at them i'd go "awww.." and having them near my table makes me want to sit right next to it and craft even more! perhaps i should put it in my kitchen too since i havent been doing much of it lately!
If you're planning to send me presents for my birthday (yea right zaza!), well, a bag of buttons or a bunch of these beauties will do perfectly fine! hehe..
Good night, everybody.. i'm off to bed!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Enjoyable Weekend!

Hope your weekend was as good as mine! we had quite a relaxing weekend, we wrestled on the bed, the 3 of us, we had good breakfasts, we took our time, went to town with no hurry, no agendas, just browsing and walking, we laughed a lot this weekend, we pretty much enjoyed ourselves!

Aidan's been cheerful lately, laughing and blabbering away in his own language. and i didnt want to miss a single moment. and when he's satisfied and content, he sleeps slightly longer during the day. his average nap time is about an hour and a half to two hours. that's when i sit down and get my hands to work.

I love the colours - very spring! oh, and by the way, daffodils and crocus are out! they're absolutely pretty! spring's in the air, i can almost smell it!

I've been working on a few cards lately but i didnt have the time to snap some photos. and everytime when i tell myself, i have to sell them, this sentimental me emerges and thought, nah.. i might just keep this one. well, i guess i can make more.. besides, i enjoy making them anyway! ;)

Hope you guys will enjoy the rest of the week!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


I have been missing my mum terribly since she left back to Malaysia. and everytime i look at her boxes of beads, upstairs in her room i miss her even more. she LOVES beads. she makes her own necklaces, earings, bracelets and now her own watches. she sells them and i'm ever so proud of her. we would go to the local craft shops every week and come home full of excitement! we can spend hours and hours there. she'll head straight to the beads section, while i go to the paper and embellishments section!

Mum's got lots of talent and beading is definitely one of them. it takes a lot of patience to actually turn them beads into necklaces, combining the colours and layering them, not to mention threading them. tried making my own but sadly, i dont have the skill. so what i did was instead of stringing them, i gathered a few types of beads (some i got from her box), arranged them into a bouquet of flowers and pasted them.

This needs patience too cause some beads simply wont stick! and the ones i used were rather small. but that's the thrilling bit, you see! i'm gonna do a few more of these, in a different colour and frame it up. hopefully by next time she's here, it'll be on her craft table, upstairs in her room.

My mum's definitely a gem. this one's for you mum. missing you so so much. come back soon. i love you loads!


Sunday, 17 February 2008

Buttonly Brilliant!

Hardy got back from his 5 day training last Friday, and as usual, whenever he comes home after a long trip, we would spend some good quality family time. unfortunately this time he came back with a flu. he's resting and recovering.

I thought i might give my cricut a little bit of a rest too. i've made him work hard lately. will share his photos soon, oh and i've decided its a him! hehe. now all my 3 boys are well rested, thus giving me time to blog about my recent card.

My dad once commented that my cards are quite girlish. i must admit that they are. so now i'm challenging myself to make cards less girlish. but do men buy cards? they buy for their girlfriends, wives, mums, but do they buy one for their mates? i think women buy most of the cards on behalf of them - invitations, birthdays for families, moving away, new home etc. making a card with no flowers, not even a petal is definitely hard, but my buttons saved the day!

I gathered all the browns, the blacks, the off whites of most of the stuff on the table and sat down to work. and this was what i came up with. no bungas, no bows, no butterflies... just buttons and a brads.

Do you think they're man-ly? and what do you think of this one dad? like it?! (p.s: we miss you loads!)

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Simply Special

My new cricut is simply special and very close to me. the first week i received my new toy, i felt like hugging it to sleep! but, i hugged the person who gave it to me instead! hehe. and so i hugged him tight, extra tight and went to bed with a big grin on my face for almost one week! both cricut and Hardy are simply special... i still cant believe its mine! sorry, lemme rephrase that, i still cant believe they are mine!

Anyway, i cut out the word special on a teal coloured paper and combined it with a deep dark purple paper. added a white ribbon across and scattered some daisies (yes, again! see, i told you i love daisies!)

Bought a box of dimensional two sided embellishments tags and used one of them for this particular card. Most people use these embellishments for scrapbooking. i'm still studying the art of scrapbooking, but i simply cant wait to see how it looks like on a finished product. so i decided to use one of them for this card. (sayang, simpan, tapi tak guna buat apa kan?! and sampai bila!)

Friday, 8 February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Here's wishing all our chinese friends, readers of ours a very
To our blog friends, Rita Ho, Gert, Zara&Zaria's mama, Cat, U.Lee, Rose, sending you guys tonnes of love and wishing all of you everything good for this year!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A Bright Thanks!

We just got back from Paris! thats why i've been quiet for the past 4 days! we had a really nice time. the night before we left for Paris, this was what i did. i used my new toy to cut out the word 'Thanks' on a bright striking pink paper.

What goes well with striking pink? lime green! i used tags to accessorize the card, followed by strings i found in hardy's drawers. i then punched a few butterflies using my punches and scattered them.

I'm still trying to work out a plan on how to sell them. and here's a big thanks to Rita Ho and Yaya, for all the information and help! and to all of you guys who have commented, my loyal friends. will get back to your comments tomorrow yea? for now, i'm gonna hit the sack and call it a day!

Good night everyone.. or perhaps good morning... (depends where you are!)