Friday, 31 July 2009

♥ Believe ♥

The world is small. i received a very warm email one day from a very sweet lady in New York, telling me how much she has enjoyed my craft. that one email made me smile throughout the day! we then exchanged emails (took a while for me to reply her emails) but she was ever so patient in waiting (she understood why!). we then became email friends. good email friends.

We talked about our daily affairs, our crafts (she crafts too!), about our lives being at different part of the world, our travelling and holidays, she talks about her beautiful teenage daughter and i talked about my nearly 3 year old son...

This has been going on for nearly a year! i then mentioned to her last spring that i'm bringing my parents to switzerland. we have a family friend there (perhaps we're relatives?! almost every johorians are cousins!), and we'd love to pay him an overdue visit.. she then mentioned a name. a name we all know of! i mentioned their family name to my parents and yes, the world is very small indeed! we then became closer.

There's something about her that i really love and admire. we share common things. her take on life outside malaysia that i can relate to. her way of thinking despite being away for oh-so-long she's still very much rooted. she's ever so caring towards us.. to name a few..

I made a little something for her before i went back to malaysia last june. i sent her a box of filled with cottony craft and topped it with her initial out front. i'm thrilled she liked them.


This was made for my other friend who lives here in Holland. she had sent me a box filled with bulbs for our garden. she's ever so sweet, nice and way too kind! i've been wanting to make her a little something for her needlework and patchwork craft (she makes beautiful quilts!) but i still have to come up with some ideas..

She's been very supportive. she offered me a lot of information regarding craft fairs and such. i'm ever so thankful and grateful!

Received an email while i was back in Malaysia, thanking me for the card and the gift. it was written beautifully.. (hope you're enjoying your garden!!!)

To my two dear friends. you're most very welcome! thank YOU for always believing in me! these comes to you with all my love, and many thanks, sincerely...

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Monday, 27 July 2009


Yes!! we are now back in Holland after a very long summer holiday! nothing beats the feeling of coming back to your own home! Malaysia was great and Dubai was certainly hot hot hot! it was really really nice to get to see my close friends again, lovely to catch up with family members, wonderful to be able to shop in Malaysia and eat the things we've missed all these while (its a shame i didnt get to eat goreng pisang and ice kacang!). but nonetheless, we had a brilliant time, it was simply special! (even with all the dramas!).

My cousin tied the knot and it was a beautiful wedding full of fresh pastel flowers! so far i think we've downloaded more than a thousand photos and there's still a few hundreds more to go! will show you some pictures once i get them all sorted.

The house is now in order with loads of ironing to do! hardy did all the washing and i shall do my part to iron everything (god knows when i'll finish them all, wish me luck!). i now have to cook everyday (i've almost forgotten how to cut the onions!) and get us back into routine. the grass in our garden's so tall almost up to our knees! we left the garden with just a few flowers in bloom and came back to a healthy one with full of flowers, apples, bees and pollen! there's even red gladiolas in our garden! and boy! was i shocked!

Aidan's doing really really well, no jet lag and no crankiness at all. our plan had worked! he's missing oma and opa and sleeping with them. i miss my parents and their beautiful home too. very much...

I can get all sentimental when i write (i'm sure most of you can tell by now!) perhaps i should write some of our stories and share some of our photos at our other blog. anyway, just to let you all know that i have thought of you guys since the last post! so here's a project i did just to get me back into the 'groove', the hang of things again, after our 5 weeks of holidays!

It's surely nice to be back!

Sorry i didnt have the chance to check my emails and reply most mails. sorry i didnt get to meet most of you.. i felt extremely touched and humbled with with the invitation to meet up for lunches and dinners... it will be my shout next time k?

Sincerely, all my love,

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Home SWEET Home

Its been really hectic. the past couple of weeks have been lovely, meeting up and catching up with our families and friends but a tad bit hectic for me. We are currently back in Malaysia for our summer holidays. we havent been back since we moved permenantly to Holland. it has been 4 years since we last had those yummy malaysian dishes - nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaves, the real satay, rojak and all those traditional malay cakes... we're enjoying every bit (and bite) of them! we however do miss our home! very much!

Aidan hasnt been well. his tummy's not settling well to all the malaysian food. we took him to the hospital yesterday, he's recovering now. he misses his routine and all the 'normal' food he used to have back home in Holland. his spirits are high though! he loves the toll (KL has got so many tolls!), he's been observing almost everything and he's been enjoying the attention and love poured onto him!

There's so much to share and tell! my cousin's wedding is this weekend! i'm so thrilled for her! i'm so looking forward to meet everyone at the wedding. i have to rush to her house in a couple of mins to help out with stuff. i miss the pre-wedding kecohness! it's so good to be back!

Did this board for my craftroom just before we left for Malaysia. our trip's been filled with sweet stuff so far! we miss home but we're enjoying every minuite of our time here... (time flies so fast! and we're now on our final half of our summer holidays!)

Hope all is well with you guys! i wish i could meet everyone, but with everything going on, we'd have to sort out our priorities and make sure our son is well rested and trip is well balanced (in every way!). Till my next post, take care! hope you're looking forward to the weekend!

Love always,

Saturday, 4 July 2009

My Nephew Ferran is 2!

It's 4th of July! and it's my nephew Ferran's 2nd birthday today! i havent seen him since last january, we miss him oh SO much! we called him up earlier today to wish him happy birthday! we sang to him both in english and in dutch!

I havent been able to log on to the internet lately. 13 days to be exact. cant type long, the internet connection's rather slow. here's a couple of cards we made for ferran.

Happy Birthday che Ferran! we love and miss you soooo much! have a lovely day today! enjoy your party tomorrow, do send all our love to aiesha! have a wonderful time and take lots of photos for us!

p.s: would love to have a slice of iggle piggle and upsy daisy!! ;)

Hope to write again soon! i've got a few to write! enjoy the weekend everyone! till my next post!