Sunday, 17 February 2008

Buttonly Brilliant!

Hardy got back from his 5 day training last Friday, and as usual, whenever he comes home after a long trip, we would spend some good quality family time. unfortunately this time he came back with a flu. he's resting and recovering.

I thought i might give my cricut a little bit of a rest too. i've made him work hard lately. will share his photos soon, oh and i've decided its a him! hehe. now all my 3 boys are well rested, thus giving me time to blog about my recent card.

My dad once commented that my cards are quite girlish. i must admit that they are. so now i'm challenging myself to make cards less girlish. but do men buy cards? they buy for their girlfriends, wives, mums, but do they buy one for their mates? i think women buy most of the cards on behalf of them - invitations, birthdays for families, moving away, new home etc. making a card with no flowers, not even a petal is definitely hard, but my buttons saved the day!

I gathered all the browns, the blacks, the off whites of most of the stuff on the table and sat down to work. and this was what i came up with. no bungas, no bows, no butterflies... just buttons and a brads.

Do you think they're man-ly? and what do you think of this one dad? like it?! (p.s: we miss you loads!)


Ummi said...

Zaza, something different, cantik jugak. Apa2pun yang girlish juga tetap di hati..

Anonymous said...

hi kak zaza. I'm Sunie from KL. I found your website by luck and I must say your handmade cards are looooveeely! i've read all your entries on craft and was wondering if you could share to me about your new toy the cricut, what is the brand and how much it is. you see i'm a newbie on scrapbooking and i find cutting Letters/alphabets can be quite challenging and wish there is a faster way for me to do it.

i'll be back to your website soon.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ummi: flowers, butterflies are close to my heart too! ;)

sunie: hi sunie from kl. thanks for visiting. and thank you for the compliment and taking time to read on all of my crafts. cricut is actually by provo is a paper cutting machine that cuts any paper. and yes, i know how you feel.. cutting alphabets can be very challenging especially if you want them small and cute. i used to download alphabet templates on the net before i was given the cricut. my husband bought me the new cricut expression. it needs to have cartridge(s) for you to operate the machine. the machine itself costs around USD300 ish (if you lucky). in the UK it starts at 300Pounds. and each catridge will cost around USD50. what you can do is to search for it at ebay and see how much it costs. might be slightly cheaper than buying them at shops. but then of course, you'd have to pay for shipping charges. some offer the complete set i.e machine, 1/2 free catridges, cutting mat, blade(s), scrapper. look out for offers. i'm not yet into scrapbooking, but with a cricut, i think one would have to start! any good shops in KL? what are their pricing on scrapbooking stuff? good luck with your crafts and i will post photos of my cricut soon k?

London a Treu Destination away from Cape Town said...

love your blogging zha who are your three boys??? are you tellin us something love you loads

Anonymous said...

lovely and manly lah tu...:P
i love your creations Zah !

~ Ddah

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

the card looks very business like and to me, it is manly enough! esp with the buttons and colours! well done Z!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

abbey: 3 boys are hardy, aidan and my new cricut machine!!! haha!!! no, no.. lets not even go there! how are your boys?! love you more xoxoxox

ddah: thank you!!

mush: yeay! someone thinks it's manly! to be honest, quite susah jugak to make a manly card! i had to select brown and black to make it even more manly! haha.

Swahili said...

frm the top of my head at 3am, how about bottle caps or tabs. and cutting the paper in an unconventional card way, meaning not two fold open from the right.

my men frens do send cards and one thing they all hv in common if humor, men, scenery, cars Cards. typical kan.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

swahilli: at 3am? what we you doing up at 3 am?!?! and gosh.. you can really come up with good ideas at 3AM!!!! hehe..