Saturday, 7 November 2009


It was a crazy couple of weeks. we decided to slow it down a bit by taking a short brake from it all and drove to france. we went to fontainebleau and lyon and had a brilliant time. i so needed a break from it all and i think it did us (me at least) good. lots been happening and i'm really thankful for opportunities and bigger possibilities.

Anyway, there's this one post i've been wanting to write and share. it's about my mum and what i did for her birthday this year.

Mum turned 63 last october. i am extremely fortunate to have her in my life. like most mums, she cares and loves and she carries a big heart. i cant begin to tell you how much she means to all of us- my dad, me and my sister. she is indeed beautiful always, in all ways.

the saying says it all

There was this one day, when we went out to the park to enjoy the last bit of summer, coming into autumn. i managed to catch some candid photos of my parents together with aidan. looking at each and every one of them, you can tell from the photos the amount of love that they have. i'm very proud to be their daughter and i want to give them all the happiness they deserve.

I enjoyed every moment with my mum. i'm ever so grateful that both my parents come and visit us frequently. i cherish every moment when they're playing joyfully with my son. the talks, the giggles, the tickles, the hugs and the touch. i adore them and the times they're together.

The book and a little present i got her was wrapped in a damask fabric. i added a brooch and a little saying that describes her. i hope she liked it.

You're looking (and feeling) good at 63 mum! we all love you loads and wish ALL your sweet, good dreams, wishes, visualisations will be fulfilled.

I'm off to give her a call now... thanks for hopping by today guys.
Love always,

More will be written in my other blog with pictures of our day in the park, soon.