Friday, 25 December 2009

{Prettige Feestdagen}

Merry Christmas girls! i wish i have more time to craft these days. i surely havent forgotten about all you girls, that's for sure. i have been extremely busy studying and mothering and preparing myself for some serious new exciting adventure next year (you guys will know in time!), thus the lack of blogging.

I had one big order, and managed to finish them on time. i've made around 50 cards alltogether, and here are some of them. i used traditional christmas colours for this year's cards. they look pretty simple with lots of scallops!

It has been snowing last week. it was simply gorgeous to see everything white. temp was way below freezing and we had lots of frost and snow. thick white fluffy snow. the boys and i enjoyed building snowcastles and snowmen, throwing snowballs at each other and sleighing! i had to wrap Aidan up really thick almost looking like the snowman himself!

Like every other year, we spend christmas with my family. we drove to UK last wednesday, the weather was clear and traffic was calm and flowing, despite the heavy warnings due to the frost and snow, but as soon as we reached the M25 in England, it was mad! we were stuck in the jam for an hour and a half! we reached my sister's house safely almost 2 hours later than we expected. and tomorrow, the big boxing day sale will start!

It's surely nice to be reunited with my family. my nephew ferran adores aidan and cant seem to let him go anywhere! they do everything together! such a joy to watch them two! the boys are getting ready for bed now, and i think i should go and tuck them to bed...

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, or as we say it in dutch, Prettige Feestdagen! it is trully the most wonderful time of the year. hope all of you will enjoy yourselves, wrap warm if you're at this part of the world. enjoy the last few days of 2009 and may next year will be a good, healthy year to all of us!