Tuesday, 9 December 2008

{S for Sisters}

I know.. i know.. i've been a bad girl. sorry i havent been updating as often as i could. i didnt mean to torture! :) but hey! here's a treat for you! 2 cards in one post! i'll see what else i can dig up, there's simply too many to show and share!

I did this couple of sweet cards for the two sisters - sara and soraya. both will be celebrating their birthdays pretty soon. sara's gonna turn 4 and little soraya's gonna be 2!

I created a slot for sara's card. she can hang it up in her room he she wishes. behind it i cut out the number 4 and added some tiny butterflies to remind her that she got this on her 4th birthday!

I just love girly stuff! butterflies, dresses, hearts, petals... i love girly colours - pinks and pastels!

Now here's a card for little soraya whos gonna turn two next month! i've added laces, felt heart, chipboard, cutouts and of course her name! oh, and a little flag with the number 2!

Anyway, you can find this butterfly in most of my scarp kits at My Honeypot. arent they sweet?!

So heres to the girls! happy birthday and may all your dreams come true! thank you seri for the orders!


Maz said...

Zaza - they are beautiful. You have such creative mind. You always made me ask myself, "Now..why didn't I think of that?". Thanks for sharing. Weather report - yesterday was below freezing in the morning and the wind didn't stop which made it worst. Today we will be in the 40's - heat wave I say! Take care.

Evelyn said...

Hey, i love the first card. It's such a sweet card. Hope to see more handmade stuff from you. I'm sure everyone will appreciate all the things u've shared. Keep up the good work!
Thanks for sharing too.

drNO said...

i sooo hate u... *wink*
u r so creative....what more to be said...
jeless sungguh...
n those materials that u used...susah nk dpt here too...
if only the postage rate is cheaper...i'm sure to order from u for every single occasion.