Sunday, 21 December 2008

{A Treat}

If you've read my post at Aidantje, you'd probably know by now why i've been quiet for so long. i cant even begin to tell you how miserable i felt being down. it's just a hopeless feeling, you dont get to mum the two boys. i'm feeling much much better now. we went out the whole afternoon today, to treat Aidan on a few rides and see some winter actions in town! and i have had such great fun seeing both boys enjoying themselves!

Despite me being so horribly down for the past week or so, i have received some wonderful gifts! a couple of package to be exact. and today, for the first package, i'm going to share what i got from my dearest, most thoughtful, my auntie rubi. she went to the states recently and sent me a HUGE parcel filled with craft supplies she got me from michael's (one place i'd so want to go one day). 

I was like a seven year old kid, opening a birthday present! there were 3 boxes and i was like "gosh!".  i opened this one silver box and there was this really nicely wrapped and well packaged jars of pickles! and i was like "yeayyyy!! pickles!". this was just one of the gourmet stuff auntie rubi had used for her raya hampers. (yes, i'd beam with joy with even a jar of pickles!)

I then opened the second box. and there it was! a glitter stamp set. i have always wanted to get my hands on them. an even louder yeayyy! 

Then, i thought to myself, it cant get any better than this. i then opened the third box. and my jaw dropped to the floor and then with my body aching, head spinning, i jumped for joy! it was a ribbon organizer box i have always, always wanted. even it wont store even a fifth of all my ribbons but i have always wanted it!and to top it off, the box was filled with ribbons and even more ribbons! 

The wordings on the card and all the stuff cured half of the flu!

And now guys, a treat for you lot. a little bit of this and that to share with you this time.

Aidan's been such a great company lately. we love our time together and i'm getting him to craft as well (but he prefers his cars, diggers, politieautos and legos). this was the welcome home banner that we made for Hardy. one whole week without papa was such a long time! and when he came back from his long far east trip, we welcomed him home with this banner and a few signs on the window!

I remember dad and i used to make banners when i was little. i coloured them and cut them up. dad helped me with the rafia strings and then we hung them on our swing back in our old house in JB. i remember i could sit down and watch it all day! and no one could touch them or bring them down unless they're all wet from the rain! i cant believe it that i'm doing it with my son now. 

Honestly, you dont need much. all you need is a few coloured papers. a pair of scissors, some strings and here i used some clips. and if you dont have them, you can always use pegs or some glue.

Speaking of pegs, what would you do with your clothespeg now that it's winter? have a look at this!

I did this 2 winters ago. i dont think i've put this one up yet but after i typed about using those cute little pegs, and Auntie Rubi, i just remembered of them! and i remembered i paint about 80 pcs of these wooden pegs back when i was teaching at Auntie Rubi's montessori pre school back in JB. turned them into fireflies and dragonflies for one of the Parent Mornings. i had a blast working there! 

This has certainly brought me back to those wonderful times i've had at the school with the lovely kids! i honestly miss those days. that was me. so me. i've had the best time of my life working there.

Arent they pretty?! now, everyone can do this! use them as memo clips, add a magnet and paste them onto your fridge to clip your shopping lists... anything!

Now, of to my next project. i have been supplying Ninie of The Sweetest Thing in Dubai quite a lot of stuff. She bakes and makes cute little cupcakes. she orderd a cupcake apron, oven glove, tea towel and this was what i came up with. her colours are black, white and pink. 

I would probably make one for myself! and i must say that these colours are gorgeous. they're classic but sweet! and so is she!

I am so horribly late sending out most of my christmas cards. here are my last batch of cards i made. saving the best for last. i love love love them and i think red, white and green's very special. used vintage laces on all of them just to add to that homey style to it.

I am still working on a few orders and not to mention Valentine's coming up real soon! hardy and i dont celebrate valentine's, so we wont be giving each other any presents or cards. but i'm pretty sure you love birds out there will look forward to the 14th!

Will share some Valentine's ideas and cards in due course! in the meantime, i wish you all well, i wish you all love! it's almost 1 in the morning, i'm going to call it a day. a beautiful day. and what a way to end it by sinking yourself into your fresh, crisp, clean linens... night everyone. hope you've enjoyed this very long post!


Anonymous said...

Za, Lucky you! And what a wonderful aunt! I'm just drooling looking at the craft stuff. I got a chance to go to Micheals a few years ago & I was totally gobsmacked by the wonderful range of crafting goods they had and that was just an outlet in a little place outskirts of NY. I bet you can spend hours in their store :o) Glad to know you're feeling much better!


Ranee said...

Oh Za, I am so happy that you are feeling much better.
Every craft you made looks lovely and with so much love put in.
Za, good news to cheer you up a bit. 22nd December onwards sunrise and sunset gets to be a little later. Wonderful isn't it.
Take good care of yrself ok.

Anonymous said...

i lurve everything you have created. you are so creative and talented i wish i have your creative bones.
the colours of d ribbons are so soft and beautiful. lucky you...
looking forward to more of your stuff at honeypot. much much cheaper than in malaysian shops. hope you are feeling better.


k.ct said...

dear za, u are born to be such a loving person , so caring and not forgetting very the creative one..
i never say..."ala...yang ni tak lawa laaa..."...never dik..!!sumpah!!...semua cun and adorable sangat2.klu rajin hantar la satu kad yang paling chantikkkk untuk kak ct...hehehe..boleh..?
glad to hear u are ok now.take care..say hi to aidan n hardy.

Maz said...

Zaza - If you were to be at Michael's I think Hardy and Aidan would have to wheel you out of there. 2 weeks before X'mas they had a 70% off sale on ribbons!!! US$5.99 ribbons sold for US$1.79. How can you not grab that?? On top of that they sometimes give you a 40% off on a single non sale item on your next puchase. How sweet is that?

Anonymous said...

hi zaza

Dapat email i tak? check email ya..


Anonymous said...

hi za, good to see your latest crafts here, a sure sign u are getting a lot better :) how nice of your aunt to send you the goodies, esp when it's least expected kan. those glitters reminded me when we were in school dulu2, making cards and crafts for pet sisters lah, friends lah. hmm i think i was more creative then. hehehe. anyway za, wishing you a bright, happy, prosperous and healty new year for you and fam! yaya

Ranee said...

Za, Wishes are wished upon you and your family for a wonderful and fantastic year ahead. May good health abound for you and yr family and yr neighbours and friends. May you all be filled with an abundance of love and joy and happiness.
Thanks for all the wonderful entries and gifts and cards.
Here's to a blast of a new year with new beginnings.
Love you,

adik k.shasha said...

haa kak za..i br nk ckp pasal ninie sbb tingat kat die bile u mention pasal cuppies 2..n after reading d whole entry mmg btol pon die order from u..mmg sesuai sgt..u suke cuppies,ninie pon suke wat cuppies..cumels!