Friday, 16 October 2009


My son is now 3. we have had 3 wonderful years of parenting. we have had 3 joyful years of watching him grow. it is my absolute dream to be a mother and i am so blessed to be having this life.

He is crazy over cars. you name it, he's got them all from mini to lamborghini (the small metal ones, of course) and he even sleeps with them, all lined up next to him! i couldnt help myself but to make a car card for him, but no, i'm afraid its no ferrari!

Did this little tag book for him to mark his 3rd. it spells his name and a little something to describe him today.
A - adorable
everything about him is adorable from our eyes.

I- independent
he cleans, helps, doing almost everything on his own now!

D - delightful
there's always something new about him every single day! he is a delight to discover!

A - asks and asks!
oh yes! now's the stage where he showers us with all his amusement and curiosity. i love the way he asks. the tone of his voice is just so pure..

N - nice and neat!
he respects our "nos and not yets". he says his "pleases and thank yous" and he's neat when it comes to his stuff.

He had more than a party. he had 3 parties! and he kept saying "ik ben jarig! aidan is jarig" for almost a week after that! (its my birthday!). we didnt take down the banners and ballons for a more than a week! we had loads of fun now that he's able to understand what a birthday involves - cake, candles, presents, cards and lots of toys!

Here's what i did for his teachers at school. a decorated birdcage filled with tea and chocolates. we drink lots of tea here in holland! and i manage to find a matching flavour for each cage! lemon for yellow, passion fruit for purple, apple for green and blueberry for blue!

And as for his friends at school...

Goody bags filled with snoepjes and some party toys. 3 stars and a note saying "Hoera! Aidan 3 jaar".

An animal themed notebook with crayons, kids scissors, ruler, glitters and stickers for all his friends at school.

A party wouldnt be complete without them! baked some chocolate chip muffins.

21st September 2009
From the look of his face, i'm glad he enoyed his parties (and also he gets to blow the candles, plenty of times!)

Happy 3rd Birthday Aidan. I just cannot tell you how proud and honoured i am to be your mother, and how proud i am of you. believe in your dreams and reach for your goals. nothing is impossible, you can be anything. i wish only the best and all the good things for you. i adore and love you with all my heart and might.

Thank you to you guys who remembered, who texed and thank you for the cards and presents. we love you guys!

Aidan's already fast asleep and i'm curently waiting for Hardy to come home from Barcelona. have a great weekend everyone, cant wait for x factor tomorrow! (yes, i am a sucker when it comes to the x factor!)

Good night, sweet dreams..


zann said...

Wow..great party for Aidan..Happy 3rd son's was on 1st Sept, 3 Also..sure Aidan is talkative like mine...heheheh...mcm2 cerita everyday...

fara said...

kak zaza..can i be aidan fren too?? i want all those treats too! cute! heeeeee =))
btw happy birthday aidan!

roziehamid said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Aidan.

Anonymous said...

ahhh so sweeeet, i love the goodies you made for the teachers. cantik betul. admired your talent za! happy birthday to aidan. may all your dreams come true.

pst: so here's where the action is ya...i've been peeking your regular site, looks like lama dah you've been away from it :)

hugs, yaya

Zie Rosli said...

Aidan dearest,

Happy, happy birthday!!! Auntie here wishes all your dreams come true.. You are blessed with a loving family and all the best things in life that even money can't buy.. Do take care of your mom and dad k.. They are the best things in life that you can get for free but will be yours forever.. Love them, and love them more and more everyday..

Dear Zaza,

Guess it'll take some time for him to totally understand this.. But am sure he'll be flattered to read everything that you, parents, have been doing all this while..

Take care girl!


anzed said...

Gefeliceteerd Aidan! can't believe they are 3 already,eh? i wish i was aidan's teacher..;) u take care!

HafiZaH AzMy said...

happy birthday Aidan!

kak zue said...

cantik sgt!! & rajinnyaaaaa zaza :). I wish i was Aidan's teacher. hehehee.nak.. nak.. nak..

Thn ni besday hamizan beli buku cerita utk kawan2 hamizan (dlm 90 org) & you know what? I bagi je cam tu kat teacher dia suruh distribute WITHOUT wrap pun!!! hehehehe. pemalas tul! you are very creative & sangat rajinlah zaza. Admire betul! :)

ZazaHardy said...

thank you girls. if you guys are nearby i'd definitely share them with you. have extra notebooks and cages!

i havent been replying emails and msgs, i am terribly sorry. there's a goooood reason! i will tell you guys one day! (it doesnt mean i've stopped caring!)

thank you for all the lovely wishes, all our love always!

kakikopi said...

the birdcages are so lovely,
and so is your blog :)

happy belated birthday to aidan :)

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