Sunday, 11 October 2009

What It Really Means

I am in my own little world when i'm crafting.
It allows me to be beyond what i am.

My parents always tell me, when you want to be something, be the best. it doesnt matter what -let it be a worker, a mother, a crafter, just be the best that you can be, putting all your effort into it.

Crafting is more than just love for me, it has always been a passion.

My craftrom is like a little playground for me where i get to play with a lot of materials. i love the feel of fabrics, papers and other embellishments. i get to explore and push my creative side from ideas in my head into reality, to actually holding them.

I'm the sort who'd stand infront of shop displays and look at how they disply and showcase.when i was small, whenever we're at a shopping mall, i'd run to the stationary department first, checking out the card and gifts section (in fact, i still do!) i make cards and keepsakes since i was in primary school and eversince i was a little, little girl i love collecting gift wrappers and paperbags and paste them on my wall! i remember i used to cut out those beautiful pictures in mum's Home&Garden magazines. i've always
loved boxes and packaging, refusing mum and dad to throw away those perfume boxes, chocolate boxes.... i then put them all together, what i saw and collect, into something. most of the time i love giving presents more than receiving. and when someone asks for help to make something, i'd be the first one to jump out of my seat and say "me! me!"

It allows me to share, share my love and passion. it allows me to inspire and be inspired. it allows me to think. it allows me to challenge myself.
It creates happiness, a satisfaction kind of feeling leaving you feeling all warm and proud of yourself when something's done (no matter how bad it turns at least i've tried!)

It also allows me to 'escape' from the real world for a little while. the real world sometimes can be a little bit harsh and unfair. there might also be some people sticking their noses into someone else's home and business, the gossips and the bad mouths... i am at ease with myself when i craft. i get away from all of these and stay away from all those.

Its tough to find a balance in the beginning. but the most important thing for me are my family, my home and caring and providing for all of them.

Support means everything to me. i am ever so grateful to mum and dad for always encouraging me to be what i want to be. law wasnt at all for me, and i will always be grateful to them for having my back at all times, understanding my passion, having faith and believing in me. and of course thanking my two boys hardy and aidan as well!

Nothing comes close to being a wife and a mother but i enjoy having a little bit of 'me time' once in a while. it allows me to grow into my own person and explore those endless possibilities and creativities within me.

Having said all that, i am grateful that i get to share them with you guys. knowing i've made some smile at some parts of the world makes me want to share more! i enjoyed reading all of your comments. its a wonderful feeling knowing that we share something in common! i wish you all the love and may we all continue doing what we love!

Aidan picked us a winner for my final september giveaway! he picked a "bloemetje" (a little flower) and here's our lucky winner!

Our lucky winner is...


Congratulations my dear! will get the items ready to be shipped for you!

Thank you girls for playing along. another very special date coming up and i can smell some yummy sweet stuff out for grabs. so do hop by!

Wishing you joy in everything you do.


Betsabè said...


Betsabè said...

I sent the email with the address.

Zie Rosli said...

Dear Zaza,

Thanks a lot for sharing all those. Life has been hard this lately and been looking forward each day for your entries, it eventually made me smile. You inspired me in so, so many ways. Each and every of your entry moves me somehow.

Thanks again ;)

helen ... said...

oh congratulations betsabe =)

kak zu said...

zaza, cantik!! lama tak tulis apa2. Selamat Hari Raya (raya pun dah nak abis ni), maaf zahir & batin. on aidan's besday I did sms u. did u receive? now bz with organising "open house" for ARSA - staff (10/10) & clients (15/10). talk to you later. ;)

rozie said...

hi zaza, dah lama tak baca blog u... how are you? selamat hari raya to you and family.