Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Ayam Goreng Ku nyit nyit nyit

On my laziest days, this is what i'll do - Chicken with tumeric. hardly have time these days as aidan's been on gear 4 crawling, climbing, pulling, grabbing...

You'll find tumeric powder being sold at most turkish shops, as well as asian tokos. but you will find no problems in finding them back home, in malaysia for certain. it is one of our essential ingredients, as most malay households will have them in our kitchens. if you're new to this spice, and not quite sure how it tastes like, this dish would probably sum up its flavour. as usual, you can add loads more to it but the simpler the better. i've added some curry leaves to give it a little bit more spice!


Chicken breasts -cut into strips
Onions - cut into rings
Tumeric Powder
Curry Leaves - make sure they're washed!
Green Chillies - cut into chunks
Cooking Oil

Saute the onions and curry leaves, add the chicken strips until its golden and cooked. sprinkle some tumeric powder and stir well. put in the green chillies and later add salt to taste. if it sticks too much on the pan, add a tad bit of water. easy peezy!

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