Friday, 27 July 2007

Grilled Chicken Wings

Back home, at the stalls, there will be a few that sells grilled chicken wings. this is one part of the chicken that they dont really fancy over here, therefore we can get them really cheap.

Of course it'd be nice to have yours at the stalls, eating on a stoll, your food on a foldable table, the boys shouting "teh o ais limau satuuuuu" (one ice lemon tea), the sound of the fire from the woks, with the whole atmosphere, but when you're far from all that, you'd tend to make do.

This was my attempt to make do! no atmosphere, but taste was quite near to home.


Marinade the chicken wings with oyster sauce, soy sauce (i used kicap pekat ABC as it is way thicker than the rest), a tad of salt and just a hint of white pepper for at least 1 hour. as usual, the longer the better.

One option is to add one or two drops of sessame oil.

Have a tablespoon full of cooking oil ready to spread onto the chiken about half way through grilling.

Grill it in the oven. check regularly if you set it high. i normally set mine at 200c on mormal grill speed and 180c on turbo grill. (thank you whirlpool for the best oven!)

Serve with thai sweet chilli sauce for starters or steamed white rice as part of your dish.


Anonymous said...

kat kl ni memang banyak sgt orang jual chicken wings. diorang pangang kat warung tu jugak, tapi pada mia, tak bersih la sebab orang lalu lalang. ayam tu terdedah. lebih baik buat sendiri. betul tak?


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

mia: betul! tapi yang jual macam tu la yang lagiii buat sedap! hehe...