Sunday, 29 July 2007

Bubur Pulut Hitam

I havent blog much about the desserts i've done. so here's one, i did just a few hours ago to satisfy my husband's craving for bubur pulut hitam. bubur means porridge, pulut hitam is glutinous rice. to tell you quite frankly, i dont really fancy any type of bubur, and i cant even remember if i've tasted this one prior to making one. but whether i like(d) it or not, i had to taste it in order to taste if its close to what he seems to be telling me.

Hardy found a packet of black glutinous rice at the toko and asked me if i know how to cook them. hey, i'm up for it! anything that can satisfy my husband's tastebuds and tummy, i'm game! i didnt know cooking them would be so sticky and you had to put quite a lot of sugar! but i managed to reduuce them to prevent us from putting more weight since we got here.

The colour puts me off, but as they say, dont judge the book by its cover! the taste was simply superb!! i wasnt sure as to how many gula melaka i'm suppose to add in, so basically, this recipe is just based on trial and error. i tasted it many times along the way.

BUBUR PULUT HITAM (my 1st attempt)

1/2 packet of Black Glutinous Rice
1 ltr of water
1 packet of Coconut Milk (use fresh coconut milk if you can)
150g-250g Gula Melaka
2-3 tbsp White Sugar
2 Pandan Leaves

1. Soak the rice for at least 1 hour before you bring it to boil. Boil together with pandan leaves.
2. When its half way or gets sticky, add gula melaka and white sugar. (sorry i didnt keep track on how much exactly i put them, hope the estimation helps!)
3. When it's about done, add 250ml coconut milk and stir well.
4. Keep the remaining coconut milk for you to add them yourself later on once it's off the stove! this one's slightly much more thicker than the previous that you added in.

It took me close to 2 hours to prepare them, slowly cook them to almost perfection, frequently tasting them at different stages and Hardy took hardly 2 mins for him to wipe it off the bowl! licin! i must have done good! ;)

It's really nice! where have i been all these while?!?!??!!


linad said...

Pandaiiinye zaza buat bubur pulut's my fav, i did once. Sendiri makan sendiri buat. Orang lain tak berapa suka. Gula tu kita control jgn manis sgt. Then white sauce tu letak sikit je la klu takut lemak2...Sedap kan....Dulu I thot kuah hitam tu semua santan but actually kaler pulut. Santan sikit je, up to us byk mana kita nak kan!

Anonymous said...

looks delicious. macam tak susah. but i think i will just buy them at bangsar. kat situ ada orang jual all types of bubur.


k.ct said...

...if hardy balun 2 mins means..pass!
i do like bubur..(certain bubur..)
but...slalunyer x buat la dik.
beli kat bawah block jer..RM 1.50!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

k.linad: tak pandai! this was my first attempt. dah la tu, tak pernah makan so i dont know what it lacks or how it should really taste like! dulu kita pon ingat this pulut is made with 100% santan, tapi tak!!! i was so wrong!

mia: i've been to this famous bubur place at bangsar. unfortulately tak makan, but beli kan hardy je. is it still there?

k.ct: nampak gayanya pas!! hehe.. murahnya rm1.50!!!?