Saturday, 14 March 2009

Happy Spring!

My favourite season is definitely spring! the past one week's been absolutely gorgeous! the sun is out now and we get more daylight, temp was above 8c most of the days.... you see birds and people all cheerful and colourful! it's just exciting!

I'll be going to Keukenhof again this year and that's something i'm really looking forward to. i love hyacints and hope to see fields and fields of them there. this is definitely the time to fly to amsterdam, and if your flight is in the morning, you might be able to see colourful patches from the aeroplane, i bet it'll be spactacular!

I adore flowers. let them be real, pastic, papers, fabric, ribbon flowers. anything!

I am working on my bird house but somehow so far, i'm stuck. there are so many things i'd like to do and finish up this month! dad's birthday is coming up, and also my bestest friend's at the end of the month. i WILL start soon and finish all the orders on time.. i will i will i will!!! (trying to pump up some good energy in me! hehe).

A couple of candles in cute little pail buckets just to brighten out my space.. i'm doing a few to add to my collection of pail buckets. i have too many of these from the tiniest one to the largest! i am utterly mad to be collecting them!

Anyway, i have to rush.. but i shall leave you with a few more pictures of them and a card i made last week.

I did this card a week ago. used some vellums and some blossoms, and the simplicity says it all - true happiness.

Cotton*Candy blog us up and running (you can click here if you're into cupcakes, and here if you want to see how my kelder basement looks like!) and to those who have joined me in facebook, thank you!

Happiness! i am filled with true happiness! and i hope you are too! thank you to you sweet bunch for all those lovely comments! have a lovely weekend everyone.. lets celebrate and enjoy the sun!



Anonymous said...

I love the pails and the colours!! But they don't have it here :o( I can only dream..


Anonymous said...

betul, we cannot get them here. stuff like that mmg susah nak dapat kat sini. zaza, i lurve every creation of yours!! keep them coming!!


Izzah Marzuki said...

wow, i am delighted when i first saw this blog - i was blog hopping n then found yours! very very cute creations & how creative u r.. anyway, nice knowing u.. =)

can i link u up? tq.


faraisha said...

i just finished reading your "zaza at home" blog as well as browsing other blogs of urs.really love it! i am in love with cute/pretty stuff and the handmade cards is one of my fav! (actually am into it also..) your work really catch my breath and your story of Aidan really touch my heart..seriously i love reading your blog! love it love it love it!

rozie said...

zaza, true, i love those buckets... cantiknya..., don't be surprised, nanti i pesan those pails from you, enjoy your trip......

writing a phd thesis said...

wow!! amazing. can't believe that it was made by hands. you got talent, you know?