Saturday, 28 February 2009

Cotton*Candy by Zaza Hardy

I have had a brilliant day today with my boys. Hardy took me for a drive to the countryside, drove into Belgium and had lunch at Tongeren. it was a nice saturday outing. and just before we put our son to bed, the little munchkin couldnt stop kissing me on the lips!

I had a few asking me - how do i manage your time? the truth is, you just have to make the best of what you have. you just have to be focused in all that you're doing. let it be housework or your craftwork. in other words, you just have to be present at what you're doing. i am with my son during the day, a hundred percent with him attending to him. and when he sleeps or when he's at his playschool, then that's my time to create.

Life is sweet. full of sweetness! i guess what dad said was right - when you fill yourself with love, you'll do everything differently, and willingly. you'll see things different, you'd react differently, you'll see people in a different light regardless what they did to you... and hopefully you'd create lovely creations (i sure do hope so dad!).

So now, i would like to share with you some of the sweet, yummy things that i have. i've decided to name my kelder (basement) and all my collection Cotton*Candy. took me a while to figure out a name. so what does cotton*candy means? well, as soft as cotton and as sweet as candy! ;) Cotton*Candy by zaza hardy, well, it just rhymes!!
I've created a page on facebook. if you'd like to join me, you can do so by clicking at the logo above. you can have a sneak peak at Cotton*Candy's Cupcake Collection. I'm still adding some finishing touches to my Cotton*Candy blog, will be ready sometime next week and will announce it then.
Zaza at Home will still remain as my main blog, that's for sure! thanks ever so much for hopping by! have a lovely Sunday and a good week ahead! i'll be off to Koln on Monday (yeay!). enjoy browsing those yummy cakes! lovely to see you in here again... take care now.. love always!


Sab@Nina said...

so cute....i wish I was as creative as you!!

Wiz said...

Zaza, where have you been? Are those cupcakes for one's tummy or are they just decorations? They do look sweet and yummy.

Hope I haven't done anything wrong to you Z, if I have I'm sorry k.

You know where I'll be if you have the time to chat.



Aidan's mama & papa said...

nina: you are! you just dont know it yet! ;) how are the kids? what have they been up to? are you back to work now? nina dear, do keep in touch yea! sending lots of love to you 4! xoxox

wiz: i have been busssssyyyy!!! it's been crazy lately! best! i'm having fun with all the crazy stuff i'm doing! aidan's been quite a handful too!
those cupcakes for show only! or those yang tak sayang can burn them! they're candles! mana lah reti buat the real thing like you wiz! i dont have your hands, no skill in making the real ones!

eh, what do you mean? you did nothing wrong. what gave you that impression? i dont get kecik hati with anybody, so please, dont apoligize...

off to koln in a bit. will be back by end of the week! soooo want to chat with you!! we'll buzz each other k! lots of love xoxo

Linad said...

zaza, k.linad dah tgk your cupcakes collection..sgt menarik..price je belum ada kan?? i tunggu u update the price kay! i like the blackboard..

Anonymous said...

so cool! you did that on your own? love the cupcakes and the flower!

ice said...

This is sooooo cute!!!!

Laracroft74 said...

hhmmm..very nice name and sounds so sweet..macam orangnya jugak..:-)

i'm looking forward to the cotton*candy blog but must tell you that i really missed your write up on aidantje...
hope you had a great trip to Koln.. must see Koln dome!!

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