Tuesday, 31 March 2009

~Romantic & Nostalgic~

I am most inspired by the things around me. whenever i'm in town, i'd always look at the shop windows and how they'd arrange their products. most tiny boutiques here have lovely paper bags, they'd wrap the stuff in lovely tissues and bows... and now that it's spring, flowers! i love fabrics, i love ribbons and laces, i love buttons and i love love love pearls! i bet you can tell those by now!

My collection of boxes are ever increasing! and so are my collection of buttons and laces. i have a lot of things in my room, and i get inspired by them most of the time - let it be shapes or colours.

These are just some of the things lying on my table today. soft colours makes me feel romantic! now, something nostalgic.

I created this board a couple of weeks back. i use a lot of post-it-notes. you know.. those yellow ones... it works for me! i'm sure most of you would agree that some craft papers are just way too nice to be cut and sliced. what do you do with them? well, back when i was in school, i use to wrap shoe boxes with them, but most of the times, i'd put them up piece by piece on my bedroom wall! almost like my very own wall paper! you can also make a post-it-note board like i did!

The best thing about those yellow notes is you wont spoil your lovely beautiful papers! you can stick them up or peel them off without having to worry if they'd tear! i used the crochets i bought at one of the markets last year and turned it into a flower. added stings and strings of laces and ribbons and attached them at a corner.

I love it! feeling very romantic and nostalgic right now *awwww*....
Hope the sun's shining where you are cause it certainly is over here! finally spring is here! will write again soon..
love always!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous zaza!!

cakeART said...

delicate, intricate and beautiful!
excellent work Zaza!
wishing you joy and happiness in Holland :)

drNO said...

simply beautiful, gorgeous.

zuraida said...

zaza.. cantik!
Happy birthday
Love & miss you,
Kak Zue & Hamizan