Monday, 6 April 2009


My 4th of April was special. besides my two boys, my parents were here to celebrate my 32nd. i am not a big fan of celebrating my own birthday, but i'd go all out for others! 

Woke up with my son singing "lang zal ze leven" and hugs from everybody. went downstairs and saw banners and baloons! the house was filled with flowers almost everywhere! 

I had decided to take some time off things and made myself a present! something i normally do every year! i made myself a special board with powerful, beautiful words and sayings.

I once had a dream. little that i know of, it all came into place one by one, after hardships and some sacrifices... it all came true. i now have a bigger dream, and as they say it, the sky is the limit! i hope it will come true and along the way, there would be plenty of love, laughter and joy..

They say the best way to predict your future is to create it. i create my future every single day. i am living life, in my own way. i am doing it, my own way, creating it, my own way and at my own pace and i am most grateful for everything, all the blessings! the journey's been pretty amazing with ups and downs and i shall treasure what i have now, always.

Believe is a strong word. i believe in a lot of things. and most importantly, i believe in the beauty of my dreams! go on girls, dream!

Thanks ever so much for the birthday wishes from calls to emails and texts! from the bottom of my heart, i'm sending you all the best wishes and love always! 


Anonymous said...

Dear Zaza:
Happy belated birthday. Looks like you are doing great. Sorry for being quite for a while but I have been following your blog every chance I have. Enjoy and keep creating memories......
Maz from rainy NYC

rozie said...

Dear Zaza,
Happy Birthday and keep on crafting :).

lotsa love,

drNO said...

happy, happy birthday..
hei...we both r the same age. just celebrated my bday last week.

anyway..happy birthday, again. have a wonderful, glorious year...

Ranee said...

Happy Birthday to you dear Zaza! All the best to you and yours.

littlenailofar said...

happy belated birthday k.zaza.

Rose said...

Happy Belated Birthday Zaza. I am going to celebrate mine in August. So how it feels to be a year older??? Hehehehe!

faraisha said...

happy belated bday k.zaza! may all ur dreams come true~~
keep on crafting.. coz i love everysingle craft that u did! wish i had a sister like u..but i'm the eldest!hehehe..

Laracroft74 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Zaza!! May god bless you with splendid health, colourful of life filled with joy and hapiness forever..

Eka said...

like everything on your blog. happy birthday zaza!

Aidan's mama & papa said...

k.maz: i thought of you a lot everytime i use my bug!!! how are you? i havent been emailing!!! :( sorry! tonnes to write and share and say and tell! come here lah!!! hehe.. move in next door!!
i havent forgotten all about you tau. sending you all my love, always from bright and glorious holland!

rozie: thank you my dear! i shall...

drNo: belated birthday wishes to you doc! how was the celebration? thank you for the wish.. i wish you the same, and more!

Ranee: we (well, actually dad) planted some herbs and i thought of you! i went to intratuin and i thought of you! i saw my hortensia shooting out and i thought of you ;) hehe... thank you for the birthday wish! i hope your plants are doing well in the garden! sending you all my love and plenty of sunshine!!!

jaja: thank you very much my dear!

rose: thank you my dear rose. it feels absolutely great! another birthday means absolutely good! looking forward to a whole year of good things! here's wishing you the same and all the very best!

faraisha: alahai... soo sweet! thank you my dear. i shall keep on doing the things i love most (and i think you should too!).

laracroft: hey sweet! thank you very much for the birthday wish! how are the cats? love to your two lovelies yea!!

eka: thank you eka!! thanks for hopping by and thanks for the birthday wish!

Aelyn said...

Happy Birthday Belle!

Love hugs and kisses, Axx

Tizzalicious said...

Happy birthday!

mrika said...

well said.'we create our own future' ... i like that! :-)

happy birthday ... may bigger dreams and better future await you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Zaza!


dodiemohd said...

i LOVE ur creactivity, dear :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (never too late,kan??)
& Happy CrafTING!

drNO said...

my bday?? no celebration whatsoever on the day itself since hubby was in germany at that time. anyway celebrated it last sunday when he's back. how about urs? i'm sure urs was great...

Aidan's mama & papa said...

Aelyn: thanks ever so much my dear!

Tizzalicious: thanks! i will hop by to yours soon!! thanks for dropping by! hope your easter went well and you're enjoying the sun!

mrika: thanks mrika! i wish you the same and more!

Mia: thank you mia!

Dodie: thank you dodie! no, its never too late! and its the thought that counts!

drno: it was just like a normal day, with aidan siging the birthday song from the moment he got up right up to breakfast! and the whole day too in fact! it was nice, my parents are here! had a lovely day with all of them!