Thursday, 23 April 2009

~Reaching For Your Dreams~

Dad tells me everyday to reach for my goals, dream big and think of the nicest things. i am doing it every day. its nice to be reminded of them, it lets your imagination run and just be in your own world for a little while. it's nice and comforting to know that someone else have faith in what you do. dad's been always supportive of me and mum with our crafts. we're the luckiest! 

This board is a special one for me. i created it for myself but decided to let Aishah have it instead. this young soft hearted girl emailed me one day, asking me to make a gift for her precious sister before she leaves for UK to further her studies. the way she wrote captured me and all her emails always make me smile!

It's always a nice feeling to create for someone who appreciates, let alone if you have established a 'special bond' (even virtual!). we exchanged emails along the way (she was very patient with me in replying!) and later we found out that our parents and grandparents know of each other! what a small world indeed!

Ribbons, ribbons and ribbons. i have lots of them. they are every papercrafters essential embellishement! you can never have enough of them, you can never know when they might come handy one day! make full use of them! 

Aishah will be off to the UK soon and i wish her all the luck in the world (not that she'll need it!). dream big girls! reach for your goals!

I'm off for our spring vacation! will try and see if i can post another one before i leave this weekend! till then... love always!


HafiZaH AzMy said...

Good luck aisyah!

faraisha said...

board ni pon comel!! nak wat kad pakai ribbons jugak la..bole tak kak zaza nak tiru?? =P~~

Anonymous said...

kak zaza!thank you very much for putting me in ur blog!hehe.

will write to you again soon, unfortunately assignments are piling up.

I'm in nottingham uni now, but got an offer to study at Kings college london so will be moving to london this September insyaallah.

Take care and loads of love,

Mat Gebu said...

salam zaza..lama tak singgah blog u..harap u and ur family semua sihat yeaa....