Friday, 10 April 2009

~Girly Stuff~

Although i am a year older, i am still very much a girl! i love girly stuff and girly things and girly colours! I recently fell in love with bright lime green. it's time to brighten out my table with such glorious colours! it's spring anyway!

We've been getting quite a lot of sunshine lately! leaves are almost out, flowers are blooming and soon butterflies will fly in our garden! how exciting! we've planted some herbs and soon start on our vege plot. aidan's been playing gardening a lot lately with his spade and wheelbarrow! i simply love spring!

It's time to pack up all our woolies and put them away for the next 6 months (at least!) and out comes all our summer dresses and sandals! yeayheyy!

I should get going now guys, it's way past midninght. hardy and i have been busy planning our holidays lately! we've been infront of the computer every single day looking for places to go and where to stay! its going to be fun and there'll be lots of food to eat, that's for sure! anyway....

Here's to all you girls, for wishing me those lovely wishes! here's a bunch of hugs and kisses, from me to you! have a lovely weekend everyone! i shall hunt for some eggs in the garden with Aidan, just for the fun of it!

Welterusten, love always,


mrika said...

happy spring!! :-)
i do miss the start of spring and the joys i took in just walking and doing my daily commute to college and uni back in my UK days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zaza:
Girly stuff looks good! Just sent you an e-mail to update you with what's going on with us. I am a bit envy that you have started gardening. I won't be able to till end of May. Take care!
K. Maz

Eka said...

Very cute! I love polka dots!

Rose said...

very lovely and indeed girly. Nice colour

Aidan's mama & papa said...

mrika: i know how you feel! i get that every winter! do you plan to visit the uk again? it'll be nice if you come in spring, less clothes to wear and tonnes to see! ;)

k.maz: read your email and it made my day! replied a short one but will send some photos of keukenhof soon k!? is it still winter there in NY?

Eka: thank you! i am beginning to like them too!

Rose: thanks rose!