Saturday, 4 July 2009

My Nephew Ferran is 2!

It's 4th of July! and it's my nephew Ferran's 2nd birthday today! i havent seen him since last january, we miss him oh SO much! we called him up earlier today to wish him happy birthday! we sang to him both in english and in dutch!

I havent been able to log on to the internet lately. 13 days to be exact. cant type long, the internet connection's rather slow. here's a couple of cards we made for ferran.

Happy Birthday che Ferran! we love and miss you soooo much! have a lovely day today! enjoy your party tomorrow, do send all our love to aiesha! have a wonderful time and take lots of photos for us!

p.s: would love to have a slice of iggle piggle and upsy daisy!! ;)

Hope to write again soon! i've got a few to write! enjoy the weekend everyone! till my next post!

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