Monday, 27 July 2009


Yes!! we are now back in Holland after a very long summer holiday! nothing beats the feeling of coming back to your own home! Malaysia was great and Dubai was certainly hot hot hot! it was really really nice to get to see my close friends again, lovely to catch up with family members, wonderful to be able to shop in Malaysia and eat the things we've missed all these while (its a shame i didnt get to eat goreng pisang and ice kacang!). but nonetheless, we had a brilliant time, it was simply special! (even with all the dramas!).

My cousin tied the knot and it was a beautiful wedding full of fresh pastel flowers! so far i think we've downloaded more than a thousand photos and there's still a few hundreds more to go! will show you some pictures once i get them all sorted.

The house is now in order with loads of ironing to do! hardy did all the washing and i shall do my part to iron everything (god knows when i'll finish them all, wish me luck!). i now have to cook everyday (i've almost forgotten how to cut the onions!) and get us back into routine. the grass in our garden's so tall almost up to our knees! we left the garden with just a few flowers in bloom and came back to a healthy one with full of flowers, apples, bees and pollen! there's even red gladiolas in our garden! and boy! was i shocked!

Aidan's doing really really well, no jet lag and no crankiness at all. our plan had worked! he's missing oma and opa and sleeping with them. i miss my parents and their beautiful home too. very much...

I can get all sentimental when i write (i'm sure most of you can tell by now!) perhaps i should write some of our stories and share some of our photos at our other blog. anyway, just to let you all know that i have thought of you guys since the last post! so here's a project i did just to get me back into the 'groove', the hang of things again, after our 5 weeks of holidays!

It's surely nice to be back!

Sorry i didnt have the chance to check my emails and reply most mails. sorry i didnt get to meet most of you.. i felt extremely touched and humbled with with the invitation to meet up for lunches and dinners... it will be my shout next time k?

Sincerely, all my love,


dodiemohd said...

welcome back,dear !!

Rose said...

I never bored of checking your blog, I love your crafts! They are simply lovely and creative!!

Welcome back to you!!

Eka said...

ala, nmpknya tak sempat jumpa.tak ada rezeki! bila nak balik lagi zaza? sure dah rindu bermcm mcm kan? welcome home and look frwd to many more of your crafts!

Zann said...

Hai..thanks for dropping by at my blog also..and best wishes to you too..

k.sharifah said...

welcome back zaza!!

writing research papers said...

Ala, did not have time nmpknya jumpa.tak Spend! Zaza when to come back? dah mcm bermcm sure miss it