Friday, 31 July 2009

♥ Believe ♥

The world is small. i received a very warm email one day from a very sweet lady in New York, telling me how much she has enjoyed my craft. that one email made me smile throughout the day! we then exchanged emails (took a while for me to reply her emails) but she was ever so patient in waiting (she understood why!). we then became email friends. good email friends.

We talked about our daily affairs, our crafts (she crafts too!), about our lives being at different part of the world, our travelling and holidays, she talks about her beautiful teenage daughter and i talked about my nearly 3 year old son...

This has been going on for nearly a year! i then mentioned to her last spring that i'm bringing my parents to switzerland. we have a family friend there (perhaps we're relatives?! almost every johorians are cousins!), and we'd love to pay him an overdue visit.. she then mentioned a name. a name we all know of! i mentioned their family name to my parents and yes, the world is very small indeed! we then became closer.

There's something about her that i really love and admire. we share common things. her take on life outside malaysia that i can relate to. her way of thinking despite being away for oh-so-long she's still very much rooted. she's ever so caring towards us.. to name a few..

I made a little something for her before i went back to malaysia last june. i sent her a box of filled with cottony craft and topped it with her initial out front. i'm thrilled she liked them.


This was made for my other friend who lives here in Holland. she had sent me a box filled with bulbs for our garden. she's ever so sweet, nice and way too kind! i've been wanting to make her a little something for her needlework and patchwork craft (she makes beautiful quilts!) but i still have to come up with some ideas..

She's been very supportive. she offered me a lot of information regarding craft fairs and such. i'm ever so thankful and grateful!

Received an email while i was back in Malaysia, thanking me for the card and the gift. it was written beautifully.. (hope you're enjoying your garden!!!)

To my two dear friends. you're most very welcome! thank YOU for always believing in me! these comes to you with all my love, and many thanks, sincerely...

Have a lovely weekend everybody!


Ranee said...

Harstikke bedankt schat, I love my gift very much. Thanks Za, I will treasure it.
Continue to have a great summer and enjoy your calmness (I totally understood what u felt when u wrote that).

Eka said...

Zaza! So beautiful! Everything is beautiful tak terkata cantiknya!

K. Maz said...

For once I am speechless (which is almost impossible!). Your presence has made my world a better place and for that I thank you. Let's keep building great memories and fill them with laughter (and a tear or two if necessary). Love ya.

Anonymous said...

hello zaza. i like all ur crafts. they are so beautiful.

dodiemohd said...

u have such a lovely hand and creative ideas...gud luck to u, my fren :)

Ranee said...

I love you Za! remember when I said my hands were trembling *smile* .... thanks to you I started to slowly trust people again. I have since then opened up my world to invite some people in and it feels good. There are still many nice people around.
Here's to a wonderful last week of september, Cheers!