Wednesday, 30 September 2009

{3rd & Final September Giveaway}

Gosh, where did september go? september passed so quick and before you know it we're almost ending the year! again, as promised, here's the 3rd and final september giveaway! the lot includes papers, girly chipboard (as pictured above), stickers, brads, blooms, cardstock words, ribbons, tags.. plenty to embellish and craft!

Epoxy stickers

Cardstock words

What you need to do is simply write a comment in here with these details:
1. your name and email address
2. your hobby
3. what it means to you

The lucky winner will receive all the items posted to you!

The whole lot of the 3rd giveaway!

And as usual, Aidan will pick one winner on the 11th october. so the draw opens from now to the 11th! good luck girls!


Sherry said...

name: sherry
email address: sherrygo at hotmail dot com

hobby is blogging :)

its means I get to write everyday and becoming a diary of mine and things I love to do. :)

fara said...

hello kak zaza! selamat hari raya! hehehe mencuba nasih lagi..3rd tries!
me..fara :
my hobby..doing cute and pretty of it is handmade cards!
i've gone thru difficult time..bad experience and horrible memories. but when I able to produce something pretty and cute it makes me smile..and when I occupied my time doing cards..slowly I’m moving on..coping with life again. alamak..bukak cite sedey plak!hehehe. fullstop.
But making cards does mean something to me!

Zura said...

Hi Zaza!

I missed the first two giveaways with to die for laces and determined nak join this one as I can see some pretty ribbons there :D

Your Truly - Zura
Email -

Hobby - nowadays SEWING, other than gathering fabrics lol

It means a lot to me as a working mother, to be able to spend what little time I have sewing for my girls, most of the time sewing WITH them in the room. Helps me get over that nagging guilt for leaving them on weekdays. Sewed with love and creating beautiful memories together. Besides, I love being surrounded with gorgeous fabrics lol!

Zann said...

Hai Zaza..i missed the 2nd giveaway..hope got 'nasib' on this one lah...

Name : Zann
E mail :
Hobby : Reading, Sewing, making handmade cards, cooking...

I love all the above..enjoy doing them during my free time. They are part of my life..

dodiemohd said...

name : dodie
email address :
hobby : crafting (dodiesdesign)

crafting is something i do that can makes me feel so real. I love and happy with it. And i love making other people happy too. It does mean a lot especially when it comes from the bottom of my heart.

This is great!!

Wish me luck!!

Zie Rosli said...

Hello there!!

This is the first time I am actually leaving a comment.. Always been a 'silent' admirer of all your work.. You are one super talented and inspiring girl, daughter, mother and wife..

I adore everything there is in September.. ;) So now, hopefully I get lucky!

Name: Uzie
Hobby: Everything about poems and poetry.. Writing, Reading, Reciting, Collecting, Understanding it...

When things go wrong, more than often I will end up hating myself more and more. Tend to blame situations and ownself for something that I can't even control. Poems give me some sense of pride, at least there is something that I'm good at. And everytime, I am able to get up and walk again.

Thats why my hobby revolves around poems and poetry.. ;)

Thanks Zaza!

nasuha ahmad helmi said...

i just fOund yOur blOg. and all yOur wOrks are sO amazing.thanks fOr the chance tO win this giveaway! i lOve it all.
my name nasuha. and peOple usually called me suha. my email [].

i lOve paper crafting. just stepping my fOOt intO craft stOre make me felt happy already. and being able tO buy sOmething,the felling is just getting sO much better.

what it's means tO me? the satisfactiOn! yup,after all the hard wOrks cutting,arrangging,glueing all the stuff...i just feel sO satisfy! and if sOmeone tell yOu that yOur works is amazing the feelling is getting priceless. i lOve it!

huhuhuhu..agak panjang karangan ni.
thank again fOr the chance.
have a nice day!
cOme and visit my blOg will ya?

Mom Food Storage said...

name : Siti Markona
emel address : blingblingcloset at yahoo dot com
hobby : cross stitching and crafting

my hobbies are my mom's hobbies too..i learnt stitching since i was 6 and start did it as a teacher's day gift when i was in standard 2.

Mrs. Kown said...

Want it want it!

So wowwiiieee!!

1. My name is Shila
2. My hobby: paper crafting and blogging
3. i love paper crafting because i love working with paper colors and cute decorating stuff.

i love blogging because its money making. ;)

rosa said...

Wow Thanks for the chance at all your candy I follow and have linked you all up
sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa

miss chembeng said...

name:miss chembeng

hobbies are scrapbooking and card making.
i luv luv doing these both.since i was little,mum made me do handmade cards for every birthday.and it has been a tradition ever since and i still do handmade cards even after i have gotten day when i'm back at my hometown,i shall take photo of all the cards i have made for my 24 years of life!i like doing things that reminds me of my childhood memories.somehow relief me of this horror adulthood.hehe lovingggg ur creations.

Anonymous said...

Name: Alessandra
Hobby: reading,cooking...
I also love to travel ... because I love meeting new cultures and languages.


Ranee said...

Hi Zaza dear, thought you might like this button site. So many colours and varieties. Cute!

HafiZaH AzMy said...

Hafizah Azmi

Hobbies: Crafting, talk to my siblings and making jokes,cook(hentam any new recipes), play with kids, kiss them (love it a Lot!especially to my Harmain), talk to my dad.

People around me need me, and i need them too.. Its important for me to be around them no matter when and where they need me.

It is always a great feeling when you surrounded by love and no hateness.i used to be so lost and heart can be so serabut when you put too much place for hateness. But when you just forget all of the dark past, and give a big room of happiness in your heart, you will be happy. and that means the world to me. to be wrapped in loves,forgive and forget.
When i make my cards, that's the only time where i can be my self and no body can marah me for do it as what i want it be done. Its a pleasure. ;) Love you kak zaza,u inspired me too much. take care and wish u,hardy and aidan SELAMAT HARI RaYA, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN.

helen ... said...

hi, thanks a lot for the chance to win this great candy.
my name is helen
email adress,:
and my hobby is paiting,
i love to paint , i like to mix colour ,i like to lear new tecnique ,but sometimes i cant spend too much time doing that, beacuse i have to do my homework and some things more at home and outside =),(sorry for my englihs)
hugs from peru

AziE-rAh said...

Hai Zaza,
I missed the 2nd giveaway, huhuhu.. So I hope got lucky on this 3rd Giveaway...

Name : Azirah
E mail :
Hobby : Reading novels, sewing,

I love all the above..enjoy doing them during my free time. During my baby sleeping.. Hope to learn more crafting jobs...

@wE said...


1. name: saidah zawanah a.k.a awe
2. email address:
2. your hobby: blogging, reading, crafting
3. what it means to me:
- blogging, a channel to express all that we felt, love, sadness, pain, anger and also to voice our thoughts. to sum up, blogging is the latest diary. (some people even use blog as their place to do business and share their likeness.

- reading. to keep our mind off our normal daily life and also can open our eyes on the possability of others.

- cratfing. really like this one. so into crosstiching, diy toys and the latest shall be designing my own wedding cards. it is such pleasure being able to design it ourselves and to me the handmade cards are really made by love.

ok. thats it. do hope that u pick me. :D

Lara said...

Hi, I'm Lara from Italy.
My hobby it's only... created created and created!!!
For me created means relax and relax.
My e-mail
your link is in my blog
Kiss, Lara

sLeEpy said...

hi zaza.. juz try my luck here

name: sLeEpy a.k.a nushan
email address:
hobby: surfing + crafting

its means a lot to me coz i'm jobless..
by surfing i got idea to create sumthing such as doing crafting (myfreakydolls)

Quirky said...

Hallo :) Love your cards... they are beautiful :)

Name : Evelin/Quirky
Email :
Hobby : Cardmaking!!!

I love crafting and come home from work eagerly wanting to craft. Cardmaking has opened up a new world to me.. made some friends (& more to come, I hope) and I love participating in the challenges on blogosphere :)

Hope you have as much fun cardmaking as I do :)

mae said...

Hola!Mi nombre es marcela
mi hobby es el diseƱo y las creaciones
Gracias por la chance de participar, estas vinculada en mi barra lateral
Saludos desde Argentina!

Lilly said...

my hobby is knitting and making creations! I find it great to create something from some raw materials and share it with the other people who love your works :)
you can contact me using my profile,

Mama Hany Fatihah said...

Hai Zaza

How are u? enjoy reading your blog n admire your artwork.. KAWAIEE!!!

Just try my luck with your 3rd & final giveaway. Hope your handsome little man hand will pick my name...


my hobby reading with my little girl bcoz way to express my love to her and its remind me of my childhood time. another hobby blogging of course!!! bcoz its a e-library n also can make lots of friends & money too!

Salam perkenalan from me to u