Wednesday, 18 April 2007

'Apium graveolens' = Bleekselderij = Celery

Most people dont really fancy this vegetable. i didnt at first. but then i grew to like it when i first went to Chilli's and they served it raw with their ever so yummy buffullo wings. i then tried it with their dip. quite frankly, i liked the dip better!

We make sure we'd eat more greens. we'd rather pay slightly more for it and get it fresh.

Now, instead of putting celerys in soups, pies, or having them raw, i know how to cook them on its own (*where have i been all these while?!*) my husband remembered eating something like this at some chinese kedai makan (eating place) back home in KL. and one day he taught me what to chuck into this dish. i cant believe how simple it is, and how nice it tastes! try it!



Celery (use only the green part) - chopped
Garlic - sliced
Cashew Nuts
Oyster Sauce
A tad of chicken stok
Cooking Oil


1. Heat wok with oil and add garlic
2. Add in nuts till its golden brown (dont burn it)
3. Make sure wok is hot, then add in celery
4. Quickly add a tablesppon of Oyster Sauce and stir well
5. Add chicken stock
6. Add cornflour to thicken the gravy
7. Salt if required

(As usual, i really dont have the right measurements, but these are the key ingredients! you simply cant go wrong!)


mum & dad said...

we enjoyed your stories(and recipes)from cheesecake to celery.they have the right ingredients!! they are fun, funny,sincere,helpful,and(like good recipe books)inspiring.keep it up,make people happier but hopefully not wider.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

you should look at us, we've grown wider!! help!!


ez said...

Zazaaa.. apa ni, banyak nya makanan! Ni 1st time aku visit blog ni.. waaah meriah betul la!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ez, ajar la buat apa tu hari tu yang kau buat, gnokki? (is that how you spell it?)


Liz said...


I baru perasan that you had moved your blog. Me bad! It had been crazy for the past weeks.

Hey, I enjoy reading the stories & recipes.

Anyway, here's something for your celery recipe.

- Cut the celery diagonally (something like potong peria)
- Other stuffs that you can add to the dish: mushroom (button), snowpeas (whole), strips of green/red pepper (capsicum), carrots and also chicken strips.

Selamat mencuba.

irina said...

celery & apple juice. YUMMY!!! good for lowering your cholesterol! yummm..

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

liz: thanks for the tips! i'm gonna try them very soon and will add them in here! i think i saw some botton mushroom at the toko. but now that you mentioned peria... nyummm! sini tak ada :( thank you dear!

irina: mum drinks that almost every morning. i dont have a juicer but will borrow aidan's food blender (his food got his own blender!)

Liz said...

Juice recipes for you...

Brocolli + Carrot (my fav)
Apple + ginger

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

liz: how much broccoli and how much carrot? me not so good in all these... will try tho. sedap ke? sure? hehe..