Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Our Wedding Favors

To those who didnt know, prior moving to the netherlands, i had a tiny little gift business. and one thing nice about being in this line is you get to source a lot of things directly from the supplier. you have connections and you get discounts! ;) especially for yourself, for your wedding!

I promised a friend who's getting married end of the year, nurul, to share my ideas and what i did for my wedding favors.

Nikah Wedding Favors

I bought the stuff seperately, beforehand -the box, the ribbons, the flowers (which are in petal form therefore you'd have to make the buds and petals yourself), the tags.. slowly saving it bit by bit. and its amazing how everything came together at the perfect time!

And as for the filling, i really must thank a.rubina t for making it special. our own. its fruit cake, topped with fondont (is that the right spelling?) with our initials. we didnt actually plan for this, but it turned out nice, lovely, simple and different. just like i wanted. personalized.

Reception Wedding Favors

I had them ordered by my gift supplier 5 months before our wedding reception. they come in 10 different colours but i choose only 5 for my wedding. one of which is this lime green. the possiblities are endless with these types of baskets/bags. i didnt want to make it look 'the same' or 'kampung' so we (my mum and i) decided to go with various flowers to make them stand out (to us at least). we had magnolias, lavenders (no pictures, sorry, they're in my pc back home).

We gave them only to the ladies, and the men got a simple one (as they dont appreciate all these!)

I absolutely enjoyed sourcing them, making them and giving them! hope now i'll enjoy sharing them as well.


toughcookie said...

omygod... i love your blog!! hehe...

i just managed to check it out today :( but i love it! will be referring to your recipes when i need to whip up something special. for now, just to masak nasi and ayam goreng is already considered special ok... heehehh... orang jarang masak la katakan...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

thank you dear! masak nasi and ayam goreng pon sedap! and i bet you'll do more cooking once under the same roof as 'the one'. :))


Wiz said...

Salam Zaza,

Hi, I have always admired people with such artistic skills like you. I love looking at your crafts and how you present your dishes. I too love to do some kerastangan of my own which always end up in the kids room but mostly in the store room. My mum calls it "jerambah" and my husband is a minimalist so he doesn't appreciate things that crowd his living space. SO, I have stopped and lagipun I have developed other interests. But, now that my brother is getting married I have been given the tasks of coming up with party favours and all that jazz with the hantaran. Dah lama tak buat and so malas. I was wondering, that is if you don't mind, if you could tell me where to get those crafty items and where is the best supplier in town. I dunno of any suppliers, I always buy stuff at this Sayangku store but I never liked the stuff they have there. I hope you could help and maybe later I could ask you for some cheap ideas, again if you don't mind. Thanks so much for taking time to read. Appreciate any kind of assistance. My bro's wedding will be in december, and I haven't come up with any ideas at all, yikes.