Monday, 23 April 2007


We are very fortunate to have found a good asian supermarket here, where we live. the asian supermarket or as they call it here, "toko" carries a lot of our local ingredients, thats why i am very tempted to try new dishes!

Our sundays are normally spent at home. my husband would either finish up with the house - drilling, screwing, hammering, fixing whilst i take care of our son, OR i cook/bake and he takes care of aidan.

He took care of aidan last sunday so that i could get a little bit of "me" time cooking. what an ideal sunday!

We miss having chinese food back home. we simply LOVE them. over here, we have quite a fair bit of them too, most are called "WOK" but they taste rather blend. since i had all sunday, i decided to take my time in doing this dish. something simple.

This was what we had - WAN TAN. it is time consuming making these, but we simply cant get enough of it! I was taught by a very dear and good friend of mine, awa how to make them. (really miss you wa, and you do them better than i do!)

I made a chicken and dried mushroom filling for them, marinated with sesseme oil, oyster sauce, salt and a pinch of white pepper. of course you can have prawn filling as well, as you wish.

One good thing about wan tans is you can either fry them or simply put them in soups. we chose to have ours fried, thus why we're 'expanding'!

Dip them in sweet chili sauce and there you have it! lekker! heel lekker!!

Everyone can do it!

I'm begining to miss home now...

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