Sunday, 27 May 2007

Aardbeien (part 1)

Strawberries are in season. its wonderful that we can get them easily and affordably! these three boxes costs us only 3euros! (where did i get mine? read here, at my other blog)

I havent had much time lately since my son's been conquering our living room floor i.e crawling. i have not made anything out of them before. so this was just a lazy attempt - sprinkle some sugar on them! (washing, cutting and sprinkling.. its still effort, right?)

Dayat suggested loads of things to do with them. and everything she suggested sounded SO good! thanks yat! bedankt! you're definitely my KitchenAid!

Any of you out there with good ideas or recipes (proven!) for me to try?


z_mnor said...


I tengah 'strawberry fever' ni...*LOL*. Don't worry, it's nothing about concerning the health. Just my crafty craziness about strawberries off late.

Anonymous said...

They look really fresh. They taste as good as they look?

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ita: they are indeed yummy! how did you have your strawberries? did you turn them into something?

anonymous: you bet!!!