Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Nasi Goreng Ketam

Prior moving to the netherlands, i was staying in KL for almost a couple of years. there's this place near the condo i was renting, one of the stalls called "hulwina" has the best nasi goreng ketam (crab fried rice). they use white crab meat (canned), and serve it with i think some fish sauce with diced chilipadi.

I managed to get hold of a can of crabmeat last month but only managed to use it last week. of course hulwina's tastes better! mine was just making do with whatever i have and can! too lazy to do the fish sauce though.. but i fried some keropok terengganu instead ;)

You cant actually see the crabmeat, but i swear it's in there, somewhere!


Just like any ordinary fried rice, you will need:
1. Cooked white rice
2. Cooking oil
3. 1 whole onion
4. Eggs (i used 2)
5. Salt

in adition:
6. A tin of crabmeat
7. White pepper (a dash)
8. Sesame oil (4-5 drops)
9. Oyster Sauce (2-3 tbsp)
10.Coriander leaves
11.Sliced red chilli

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fz said...

Hi K.Zaza...
I'm fz...a staff at pecai's office...remember me?
btw..u can add in a chicken cube for a better taste...i've try it before...slurrpp yummy...
let's have a try...
btw..aidan is cute and handsome...
adorable..mcm mat salleh la...
muahsss send my hug n kisses to aidan..