Friday, 25 May 2007


Next time you grill a fish, try this! this is probably the best sauce to eat with your ikan bakar. i am aware of kuah asam made with tamarind juice that goes pretty well with any grilled fish but so far, this is my favourite! (and my husband's too!).

My sister made this for me some years back, and last year, when i was pregnant with aidan, i was craving for it and didnt know how to do it (lazy is the right word), so my husband bought us a return ticket to the UK for me to enjoy my sister's ikan bakar and this kicap sauce! (together with some shopping, a lot of cathing up with her and my brother in law).

Anyway, just trust me on this.. try it!

KUAH KICAP IKAN BAKAR (Soy Sauce for Grilled Fish)

1. Kicap manis (sweet soy sauce) - i used an indonesian brand ABC kicap pekat (the best!)
2. Water
3. Cili Padi - cut into tiny bits (caution, might be too hot for some)
4. Red Onion - loads of it. diced or sliced, whichever you prefer
5. Coriander - A MUST!!! loads and loads and loads of them (i'm a huge fan of it)
6. Lime - a few drops (optional) i chose not to include this


Anonymous said...

Hello. My first time visiting your blog. Everything looks so delicious. Photos are nice too. You are very telented. I hope you dont mind if i ask you this how old are you?

d a y a t s s said...

I lovveee this sauce too... tapi with
Kicap cap "KIPAS UDANG".. the besSst ..!! =)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

anonymous: thank you for visiting, and the compliments. looks sometimes can be deceiving, therefore you've gotta try them and be the judge of it! and.. errr.. how old am i? err... lets just say i lernt how to cook rather late!

dayat: memang aku pon suka kicap citot tu! hehe. kicap kipas udang memang best tapi, sini tak ada. and i think this kicap ABC pon terrer jugak!! 2 thumbs up!

Linad said...

hi first time leaving message but many times visiting your blog...interesting blog with stories, photos...foods...

Your sauce nampak menyelerakan...tak pernah try with coriander...soon i should try kicap w coriander...kicap ABC is my favourite too!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

hi k.linad, thanks for visiting and leaving a msg! at least i now know there's people who actually read what i write! hehe.

memang best kicap ABC ni kan? wait till you try it with coriander! give me your verdict nanti k?

(p.s: k.linad ni sigs dulu ya?)

Linad said...

ye la zaza, me x-sigs...nyeh hehehehe....i suka visit your blog...your blog memang interesting...that day i ada copy your traditional cheese cake...buat belum lagi tp ada intention la...