Thursday, 2 August 2007

Sticky Business

Decoupage is an art of decorating an object by gluing paper cut outs onto an object, a small box, a wooden tray, or even an item of furniture. each layer is sealed with layers and layers of varnishes to make it shine. i've always been a fan of decoupage and even tried in on eggshells (which is something i did back home, but will surely try again and post up in here).

My previous decoupage project i made was on an ikea white vase, still using the method but i think they work best with wooden objects.

This is another decoupage i made using an cheap plain wooden box and some serviette cuttings. it is so simple but needs a lot of care when hadling and pasting them. as you can see, mine's still lack of care! but as they say, practise makes perfect!

I did quite a lot of them, when my son's sleeping of course! the best way to start is cutting the paper first and keep them aside. and when you have the time, you select the ones that you need, and paste it on your objects. remember the glue must be in the object and not on the paper. once done with first coating, put it under the sun or set aside to dry. and once dried, apply another coating. i used a special serviette coat, of course there's plenty of decoupage glue and varnishes on the market.

I make my own gift boxes! simple but sticky!! :)


The Wharfer said...

They're very pretty, love your crafts.

I am Ann said...

zaza, you have so much time?! love the boxes.

btw, you have been tagged. easy-peasy. about your fav food. details here:

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

the wharfer: thank you!! my crafts are very simple crafts. try them!! and i love your blog. will surely be a regular from now! ;)

ann: thanks my dear. actually now dah tak ada time langsong! aidan's been really clingy lately. what i did was i spent one whole night after he's asleep cutting those serviettes, and the next pasting it and the next day varnishing it and the next day putting it up in the blog! see how long it took to get to this stage! hehe.

aiseyman.. tagged about food? about food i dont think i will hesitate.. will visit your blog.