Monday, 10 September 2007

Our Favourite Food Here

I've been tagged by Ann (probably a couple of months ago, sorry for the delay ann). i have to write about my favourite food. being far from Malaysia, i miss almost everything we used to have back home, from roti naik to rambutan, from kentucky to kuih keria, from thosai to teh o ais limau from lai chee kang to lala and everything else in between.

There's tonnes to like and to favour about malaysian food. so therefore, i'd like the whole world to know about my favourite food here. this is our favourite thursday night dinner - durum. thursday nights are late nights here, where shops closes late, at 9. so we would sometimes go to town and i'd give my kitchen and hands a rest. durum is a wrapped tortilla type of kebab. and here in sittard, we have the BEST durum in the world! i'd normally go for the kip (chicken) durum with chilli sauce and mayo.

If you guys are in sittard, go to town, and next to lampenier, there's a kebab shop owned by Abdul Rahman, ask for a durum! you'll thank me! ;)

Now i have to tag people.. whoever has a blog, i'm tagging you! but i'd love to know...

1. la nina en la cocina's favourtite food

2. k.muna's (den haag ladies) favourite food

3. the wharfer's favourite food

4. rita ho's favourite food

5. zara, zaria and their mama's favourite food

6. anzed's favourite food

and last but not least,

7. rini and her son adam's favourite food (no excuse now.. quick tell me the link!) :P


rini said...

first, thanks for tagging me.
I jawab kat sini boleh ke ?
ahhahahahahahhha ....

err ...i kalu bab makan, mmg terlalu banyak lah fav nyer camne ?
but am more into Thais and Vietnamese sebab dorang punya noodles are to die for. Adam is more to Asian food, and he doesnt eat chips ( fries ). Sandwich is only for school and no toast please. But he loves rice, rice and MORE RICE.

- rini -

Muna said...

were you at the food fair, last weekend....
I was looking out for you. No matter, we don't need to have an occassion to meet up, kan!
Anyway, Ramadhan Mubarak wishes to you and family and if you guys "tersesat" kat sini, there's berbuka gathering at the Embassy on every Saturday...Silalah

la Nina said...

Z, will do the tag... please bare with me. a bit snowed under at the mo....

if I visit sittard will definitely try the durum! looks terribly inviting!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rini: yes vietnamese noodles are really nice. got any recipes to share? adam doesnt eat fries? fries here are different, i'm sure if adam rasa the ones here he'll love them!

k.muna: i wasnt! :( something came up and we couldnt go. so sorry. was sooo looking forward to meeting you and tasting your food. next year's perhaps? i will make a point to tersesat up in den haag! thanks for letting us know! selamat berpuasa to you guys too!

la nina: no worries dear. it took me a couple of months to do this one as well! and i have k.muna's tag to do as well!

reya said...

not quite sure anymore what i was looking for, but stumbled upon your blog in the search. i live quite close to sittard, and have never tried the durum (although i know exactly where the shop is.) will have to pop in and ask for one this thursday!