Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Prawn Mee

Sundays are normally the day that i cook more than one meal. i wrote about how important it is to have our meals togehter at my other blog. as soon as our son Aidan was ready to have his first solids, we stopped eating on our island and bought a dining table. it is really important for me to have as many, good family meal times. so for us, Sunday's the day!

And Sunday's also the day when Hardy gets what he wants (to eat!) he wanted this for lunch last Sunday. and his wish was my command! ;)

I dont normally go for Mee Udang at the hawkers back home. i'm more of a rice person. so i wouldnt know how to compare it with the original or the very good Mee Udang. my parents knew that i love to be in the kitchen so they got me this mini cookbook on malaysian hawker food. one tiny book which is one of my gems in the kitchen. i didnt follow exactly what it says in the book, i did some minor adjustments here and there. so if you happen to try this version of mine, let me know how far i am.


Fresh King Prawns (5-7 would be sufficient if you're cooking for 2)
Chicken Breasts
1 Whole Onion (i used half as the onions i had was huge!)
3-4 Cloves of Garlic
Dried Chillies (about half a handful if you're cookin for 2)
Shrimp Paste (about an inch or so)
Cooking Oil
Greens (Morning Glory, Pak Choi etc)
Egg Noodles

1. Peel prawns leaving its tail. bring to boil all the shells till you get the stock.
2. Shallow fry prawns in pan till it turns pink.
3. Boil the chicken and later shred them to strips.
4. Wash throughly the dried chillies and soak them in boiling water for at least 10 mins. (i boiled them).
5. Blend the chillies, garlic, onion and shrimp paste.
6. Shallow fry all the paste in your previous pan till you get a wicked smell which is out of this world. set aside 1/4 of the paste aside.
7. Pour the prawn stock into the paste and stir well. add sugar and salt and simmer gently for a good 5-7 mins.
8. Add in your greens.
9. Pour the gravy onto boiled egg noodles, topped with taugeh and your prawns. if you fancy them with hard boiled eggs, add them as well.
10. Serve with the remaining chilli paste.


I Cook4Fun said...

Zaza, thanks for dropping by to my blog. Your prawn mee looks really good. I am just too lazy to cook from scratch. Just used to ready paste :)

La Nina said...

It looks sooooo yummy Z! What type of noodle is that? I normally use fresh soba which I can buy from the Japanese delicatessen here but the one you've used there looks totally scrumptious for the use!

I am going to get one of those hawker recipe books the next time I go back to KL.

You are so inspiring and a wonderful photo by the way!


Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. good for you.. can make do with whatever ingredients available and cook up hawker feast!

Btw, you make cupcakes? Know of any nice way of decorating cup cakes?

If you post any of such recipe.. give me a tinkle at my blog yeah.

Anonymous said...

I am sallivating !

- rini -

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

i cook4fun: i use the short cut too sometimes! and when i'm really lazy, we'll just go out for kebabs!! hehe..

la nina: its chinese style egg noodles but made in thailand! hehe. they're somehow glued together, you have to put them in boiling water. bought them at the toko, i can email you the photo if you want! you know what? i tried deep frying those noodles, jadi macam mamee!! ;) i'm gonna try and cook your massaman this weekend!!! and as for the photo, i had to be quick, i had only 4-5 snaps of it, all taken 1 min before hardy gulps it! but thank you! yes, those mini cookbooks are really helpful!! get them! get the whole series!

much love!!

zara&zaria's mama: i'm no use in the cupcake department! i can bake them well but i cant decorate them! bought a couple of how to decorate them and was so inspired but tried it only once and i shamfully failed. i can give you some recipe from the book if you like!

rini: me too! after looking at the nasi lemak, kangkong belacan, and lamb...

Anonymous said...

Zaza, I really like the photos! and surely the food pon sedap. i am a big fan of yours now :)


Rita Ho said...

Slurrrrp! That looks really yummy, Zaza. Great presentation with the dribble of chilli sauce over the noodles. My mom sent me one of those hawker recipe books too but it is just collecting dust on the shelf. I am inspired to go take a look now. :)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

thank you mia, as usual, not much time to snap photos as hardy tak sabar to dig in! letak atas meja, terus snap snap snap.

rita, time to take those cookbooks out and put them to use! you'll be surprise, they're easy peezy! you can do it too! trust me. let me know later k?