Thursday, 6 December 2007

Let it Snow

Had some leftover polka dot paper from my last project and used it for a christmas card. i'm such a bore with my choice of colours sometimes, kept sticking to red and green for christmas. truth is, you can always use other colours for christmas cards from pastel to turquoise!

I must say that one good item is all you need sometimes. i bought these snowflakes (it comes in a roll) at a shop in Genk, Belgium. and all i can say is it was worth the buy! one can do tonnes with them. dressing them up differently, on different backgrounds and with different emblishments.

Used some felt ribbon, tied a knot and slide the flake in and simply let it hang. if they are not in place, perhaps you can use a tad bit of sticky tape and tape it on the card.

I reckon you wont need more than 10 mins for this card. seriously! lets see.. who shall i give this one to?!?


London a Treu Destination away from Cape Town said...

wow you are getting so good at this i am trully amazed/............

Anonymous said...

dont mean to sound like a broken record but...the xmas card is so cantik la.

btw, in response to your comment - i cant help it Zaza; your crafts are always very very nice and the colours/patterns/designs you choose are all to my liking. it's like i would trust you to pick my wedding dress sort of thing haha. i could be wrong but i think we may have similar taste?


Mat Gebu said...

Cantik2x...tak bley nak kata apa dahhh...

mommy@lif said...

tak sangka eh pastel brown & blue really make a good pair! i want a homemade card too!!

Anonymous said...

i love the colour combination Za :D oh and that snow flake ribbon is so versatile !

~ Ddah

anzed said...

gorgeous card! made cards for him b4 nazeefah :) 5th=wood. have an idea but need to source the things. haven't found a craft shop in miri. our anniversary is in T-13 days = poss belated gift :)) i shud have sorted this out when i was in KL last week.

U.Lee said...

Hello Zaza, you sure a very talented and innovative lady.
That cushions, motifs are really pretty.
By the way, as I type this, its snowing here.
There's lots of snow outside now, all white, house rooftops, trees...and more snow on the way.
The snow has turned to solid icebergs so when we gostan our cars got to watch out don't hit the frozen snowbank, like hitting a brick wall.
Its at this time we see lots of cars with bengkok exhust pipes, ha ha.
As my car, a Lincoln 18 1/2 feet long, I get my wife to come down stand behind jaga I don't hit the frozen snow and bend my twin pipes, ha ha.
You keep well, ada time drop in for coffee and donuts. Lee.

Rita Ho said...

WOW! Z ... your craft ideas are getting more creative with each thought and the results are knocking each other off competitive display shelves. You have to consider going commercial-lah. Seriously. Otherwise, not fair to those of us stuck with having to buy from HM and ML. I write business plan for you?? Got a lot of time these days with patah kaki. LOL! Even if you don't want to make the cards and crafts, you can jual your ideas. Talent should not remain hidden, Z.

Rita Ho said...

Z... so excited, I published my earlier comment without sending some hugs. HUGS!

Salina said...

Zaza, like others i am admiring your masterpiece. Just like Wiz you are perfecting your craft by the day. Keep up the great work Zaza. Can't wait to see your next card? I am stil waiting for the snow to fall in Manchester. Last year it only snowed for two days in Leeds. it was great because at that time i stayed in front of a large park. So i got the chance to play and dance in the snow like a small kid! Has the snow started to fall in Sittard?

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

abbey: oh stop it! hahaha. well, i'm tryin hard to get better.. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt! somehow the best time for me to work is at night just before going to bed!!

tw: i'm a broken record too by saying, thank you, thank you and thank you!!

i think yes we do have quite similar taste! and this is such a flatter, you trusting me to pick out yur wedding dress! too bad i missed it! and promise me no more picking up wedding dresses after this eh! hehe.

mat g: alahai.. terima kasih la che mat!

mommyalif: i think i'm begining to like working with brown now and yes brown and blue make a handsome pair! pink and brown too!! and brown and grey! and brown and beige, and brown and yellow... see!! brown is good!! hehe..

ddah: those snowflakes ribbon thinggy is the best! i'm so gonna watch out of they're gonna be on the sale shelves after christmas!

anzed: thank you dear! good luck with the anniversary present! i'm sure iz will love it!!! ask nazeefah to help with her footprints and thumbprints!

lee: oh my god! its snowing there? isnt it wonderful!? love the way you write "gostan" and use all the old malay spellings like "chantek" etc!

how long did you say your car was? and i thought ours is the longest! took me a year to get used to our estate! keep warm mr, mrs lee. wrap each other well! ;)

and thanks ever so much for the donuts and coffee. coffee was so good, i finished them all, eventhough i dont take coffee! hope there's plenty more to come!

rita: you know what i'd do if i come and see you with that cast, i'd probably hang some bells and write "jingle" on them. put some ribbons on, draw some snowflakes.. haha. how's the kaki doing? hope you'll be up and running soon after you've come up with my business plan. seriously, i know of only one way to sell my stuff. and i really need help! my sister said the same thing, sell the ideas! being an accountant she always think of money money money, how to make money and how to save money! should i start charging? hmm...

wrap warm you hear me! keep well and here's sending you a big hug and sleighs full of love rita!

salina: hope you received my email regarding the cards and your tok. hope you're getting enough sleep and keeping youself well.

thank you, as always, for words of encouragements dear. somehow you can tell the sincerity of people in here just by the words they choose to type. i do agree with you that wiz is getting better by the hour! just look at her stuff!!! her cakes looks too good to be eaten!

i cant wait for it to snow here as well! it snowed quite a lot last year but aidan was just a few months, so he didnt actually feel the snow. we stay near a huge park and a huge lake, even the lake was frozen and people could actually skate on them! i dont think it'll snow in sittard on christmas, perhaps after the new year. but we'll be in warwick for christmas and next sale! hopefully it'll snow there!!!