Monday, 10 December 2007

Tree With A Twist

I am trying really hard to stay away from dark green and deep red for my next batch of christmas cards, and this was what i came up with last night. couldnt stay away from those snow flakes though. but this time, i didnt use the ones i used on my previous cards. look closely. this is a different type. these are confetties.

I love, adore and think highly of ribbons. i collect them. and quite frankly, one can never have enough of ribbons. i have way too many and now trying to make space for more. the best ones to work with (for me at least) are plain ones. i used a textured dark brown ribbon for the tree trunk. and a plain white to wrap the tree with.

Well... if it doesnt snow here for christmas, at least i can throw some confetties!


mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Zaza this card is really pretty = ) wanted to let u know, i hv tried your yellow potatoes with garlic and also the coriander meatballs, both pretty easy to make and so sedap, thx for sharing the recipes! Hugs for a gd week ahead.

anzed said...

omigosh! u read my mind. need to source the material fr kl so think iz's gift will b a belated one. nazeefah has started walking fr menyangkung position. she loves to menyangkung..strengthening her butt n thigh muscles i suppose. that's what i tell myself :)) dahle suka goyang kaki...u take care! love your cards!

Wiz said...

I think this is my favourite of all. Love the soft hues. Do you like the gimmme song?

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

mush: thank you dear! and thanks for trying the recipes! any comments? did you try them of b? keep warm guys!!!

anzed: thank you dear! belated is better than nothing, and i'm sure iz doesnt mind! besides, he's got you girls! eh, there dont have ssf ka? go there! or kedai kawin or something? i'm sure there's a few craft shop!

nazeefah has started walking!?! awwwwhhh!!! way to go girl! how did she goyang her kaki? when?

wiz: thank you!!!! :) and thanks to you i'm now humming abba's gimme gimme gimme... lets sing together wiz:
"gimme gimme gimme, a man after midnight, wont somebody help me chase the shadows away"
i hereby dedicate this song to you! hahah!!

zuraida said...

zaza.. so cantik. you have so many ideas. jealous tau! by the way, last sunday I went to ssf plentong tp dah tak best cam dululah. utk org tangan kejong like me tak byk brg mcm dulu utk buat yang "gitu2". OR i mmg tak creative langsung! hehehehehe..

Rose's World said...

Hi Zaza! Gosh, u are really good with craft! I am envy! Hahaha!
Just wanna thank u for those creative and hand-made cards and crafts idea. They are all nice and can be used as gifts!
Thanks for sharing! U r wonderful!

ummi said...

Hi Zaza,

I stumbled upon your blog once then i lost it. I am happy that I found you again. You have got great ideas. I used to do craft too but now dah tak ada ummph lagi.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

zaza the meatballs were fantastic, perfect esp during this time of year, i like the spicy taste it leaves behind! the yellow potatoes goes perfect with Rassem (hv u heard of rassem? its an indian very spicy soup, we make that alot at home) Yes, B lah yg buat, siapa lagi i just help to cut veges hehehehe and tolong makan = )he LOVES cooking so i wont stand in his way heheheheh

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

k.zue: i miss ssf. really do. and the discounts that i can get! haha. some things are way way cheaper and you cant get them here. they carry some good stuff and always have good ideas! look closely!

rose: hi rose, thanks for dropping by. glad they're useful to you. and thank you for the compliment,flattering, really. how's your girl today? still likes to pose for the camera?! ;)

ummi: hey ummi, glad you've found me back, perhaps you can share some ideas with me, and i doubt you dont have that uumph anymore. sure ada in there somewhere! ;)

mush: rassem? i've never heard of it. this is really interesting, and indian soup. susah tak? you know mush, as much b's lucky to have you help him in the kitchen, you're lucky to have b as well! you guys are well paired lah! you guys make a really good team. just like my parents. dad cooks, mum helps out with everythin else in the kitchen. but when mum bakes, dad, move away...