Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Stary and Snowy

Sorry for keeping quiet for quite a bit, been hectic and busy playing host since last weekend. and prior to that, been busy cleaning the house. but as promised, here's another one i made some time ago.

I wanted to make something formal for Hardy to give his officemates. something he wouldnt be embarrased to send to his mates. used metallic gold cards, black textured papers and gold star stickers. and of course, my favourite, those flakes! they are sure versatile indeed! i simply adore them! and it cant get any more formal than gold and black!

Hope they'll love it. hope they'll have a good christmas this year. hope they'll have a good new year. hope they'll give him a raise?! hahaha (hey, there's nothing wrong in wishing and hoping!)


Anonymous said...

that's a great colour combi and i love what u did with the brads and your snowflake bits !

cantik sekali, Za :D

~ Ddah

Rose's World said...

I like the colours of ur card! very unique! or maybe bcos i like black and gold! hahaha!

And I like your snowflakes too!

Swahili said...

Eid Mubarrak..eish late. christmas cards all done? you leavin soon...we just got back from our Eid mini trip will post the pics on flickr. now busy making cookies & pumpkin pie in time (hopefully)for NY.

The cupcakes pics...actually a restaurant ordered short of embossin my name on it, had to make it real small...haha.copyright..

Mat Gebu said...

Memang cantik dan pakcik tabik springgggg!!!!...

tulipurple said...

hi zaza,
i simply fall in love with ur ideas n captures my heart,u r so so so good!
can't wait to see more more more results from u....keep it up!
cayaaa lah! hehe