Saturday, 19 January 2008

Oil &Vinegar's Tuscany Blend Potatoes

Aidan LOVES aardapples (potatoes). i try to 'spice up', jazz up his potatoes once in a while so he wont get bored of his food. i normally add dried herbs when i grill his potatoes (together with olive oil) but eversince he turned 1, i dare to give him a taste of 'real' food. and now that he's turning 16 months, he's been eating the food that we eat (with no salt, sometimes, just a tad bit of salt). so far so good.

I LOVE Oil & Vinegar. they have very good range of oils, dippers, pestos... i cant get enough of them. one product that we always have in our kitchen is their dipper. its basically a combination of herbs and some with spices, ready for you to add to your oil for dressings, or just add mayonaise for that super delicious dip! i think they come in 4 different tastes. i used Tuscany Blend for Aidan.

If you pass by the shop, do go in and check out their products. you'll love their range. you'll love it all! i can guarantee you their dipper's worth every cent!

(p.s: rita if you're reading this, i think they're opening one in seattle!!)


Cut the potatoes into long strips and wash throughly.

Pour over some olive oil, and add 1tbsp of the dipper. mix them well.

Put them in the oven and grill at 200c till golden brown.

But if you prefer them to be in a slightly unhealthy way, you can fry them.


Mat Gebu said...

Nampak sedap sgt....nanti nak cuba laa....

jo ayee said... the background...nak menyelit aje yer aidan :)

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Zaza, we LOVE oil&vinegar also, we shop there alot too = ) We hv the same blend of spices at home now, shall try that for dinner then soon! Thx for the tip!

Rita Ho said...

Yummy fries, Z! And, Thank You! I have not heard of Oil & Vinegar but will definitely check it out. We stock up on oils & vinegars to make our own dips, using spices that don't move faster than us!

Did you end up stomping the digital thermometer?? I have been tempted to so many times. Haha!

MamaFaMi said...

Kalau sprinkle sket dengan paprika pun sedap nih!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

mat: sila lah sila..

jo: meleleh air lior dia!

mush: dont you just love the shop!! i can spend hours there!

rita: hardy loves all these gadgets.. kononnya trying to make our lives simple and easier.. but i hate them!! why cant we operate those heaters without the timer!!! i was so pissed and crossed (at the thermometer), felt like throwing it away. dah la tu, hardy was guiding me through it and it died on me. battery out! i ran out of patience. then hardy said, perhaps it was better for him to guide aidan through it. haha!

mamafami: havent tried it but i'm sure it'll taste good!