Thursday, 24 January 2008

In a World of my Own

Eversince i was small i've always loved papers, ribbons and such. i used to make cards for my family, and friends when i was in school. i took art for my SRP and SPM. i choose to set up my own tiny little business back in Malaysia, rather than persuing Law, and the love for crafty bits still continues, even more so now.

I cant describe to you how thereputic crafting is to me. my hands itch for those scissors. i'm always on the look out for papers, pens and punchers. i struggled to 'find myself' after giving birth to Aidan. refuse to simply a wife and a stay at home mum. i just had to do something.

The thing with me is, i'd rather be at home, than be out (especially in winter), i'd rather do my crafts than gossiping with friends. i'd give tv a miss while i string some beads or cut out some papers. but i was in need of a space of my own to do my own things and to store my bits and pieces. the house we are in right now had to go through some major renovation before we came in. we moved in with only the basic things. even the floors of our living and dining room were still concrete at that time.

Now, after a year, the house is ready, well, bijna (almost) the things left are just little little things like the edges of the floors and to fix our ceiling lights. and after we moved Aidan to the room next door, we have this little room all to ourselves.

What Hardy and i did for our 2nd wedding anniversary was to give each other a space. a space where we can work, a space where we can sit and do our things. this was what he gave me. my own little craft world (i gave him an office space behind me).

I've always had this picture in my mind on how i want my craft room to be. with rails for ribbons, with fabric covered boards to hang and paste. he did everything for me. he also wrote a beautiful piece for me as our anniversary card. i wept on every single line he wrote. i pasted it on the wall of the room. and the tiny little red shoe was Aidan's. i have it on my board to remind me this was once his room. we love our room, not only that we have our spaces attached to the master bedroom, now we have a tv in the room too! (but i'd prefer to have the radio on with my dutch channel radio 2 while crafting!)

This was the best present anyone could ever dreamed of. i'm now making more stuff cause i now have the space. i'm trying to come up with a range of things, cards and such to sell on the internet. no need to wait till april cause my birthday presnt came early this year! Hardy bought me a crafting machine and it arrived yesterday! i wish we have 30 hours a day, as the hours that i spent in this room feels extremely short! and i wish i have anoter set of hands too! he he!

Whenever i'm crafting, i'm simply in a world of my own. i love every minuite of it.

Anyway, that's my own little world.. do you have a little world of your own too?


Wiz said...

Dearest Zaza, that is one beautiful space. I must say i am envious of you for calling that space yours. I understand how you could spend hours in that craft haven and be lost in the craft zone. I have a similar space, not as nice since it is in the kitchen amidst all the edible stuff. I too have rolls of ribbons and boxes and tins lined up on the kitchen counter, everything with smudges of my finger prints due to all the buttercream. It's the same place I place my honey, my cordial, my pasta, my edible colourings, my sugar paste and other fondant tools. Too much for the eyes to take sometimes, but that's my little space of everything. Thanks for sharing this, I need to go spruce up things, after looking at yours mine looks like a chicken coup! Take care.

Anonymous said...

mmm... Zah,i love your craft room :) very inspirational :P i have a room too, converted our spare room, threw away lots of junks, old magazine, brought in a table and fix the PC . but my stuffs are still mostly on the floor in boxes. hopefully one day...

~ Ddah

drNO said...

zaza, ur space is so..beautifel n well organised. I n my hubby share our space...which after reading urs...yes...i shud get my own space... we come..i need some things for my space...:)

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Your own space looks indeed like a piece of heaven Zaza - i would hv loved a space like that for my own = ) Very impressive, i havent got a place of my own yet cos our apartment is too cosy & little, but if i were to name a corner then that will be the corner by the window, with a small table that holds the computer, small desk light & printer next to it and if i turn to the right, i can see the world passing = ) Not yet ideal but its a corner i own heheheh - Hugs for a great weekend Z!

nana said...

Hi K.Zaza.. it's nana, nanie sista from Dublin. Got ur little gift from Faizal thanks how thoughtful of u. Loves reading ur blogs and envy with your foods, arts and works too.. how I wished could do the same thing like u. of luck.. and thanks again.

maz said...

u both are so meant for each other!!! lovely!

miss u both loads, so many things happened. and yes, i so much agree wif ya; if only we had more hours in a day....mmuuaahhsss...

Mat Gebu said...

zaza...cantik ruang kraf u tu....dah ala2 martha stewart....Apa2 pun moga u ceria selalu yeaa..

Lollies said...

WOW! It is really nice and Ithink you will do well in the internet business. I have seen your work. Not only it is original but it is full of love. The space will add to more love too *winks*

what is my world eh? I think when I take photos, those are my world. But then my taking photos is no where near as good as you in making crafts

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

wiz: thank you! and i know yours would be your kitchen. i bet your house smells of cocoa and cakey! yummy!! i envy you. you have such great talent. not many have good steady hands to make good fondont and icing. however chicken coup it is, it's still your own little world. (mind you mine doesnt look like in the picture all the time!)

ddah: thank you. i'm sure you'll find time to fix up the room! and i'm sure it'll look good once its done.

drno: thank you dr. no! mind you like i said to wiz, it doesnt look like that all the time. if you were to look at it now, you'd be surprised to see how messy i can be! and yes, ikea ikea ikea!! we love ikea. so cheap and affordable, not to mention practical!! have fun shopping!

mush: sounds like a perfect corner mush. sometimes the smaller the better. less messy. and having a window helps make it much more cozier. do you have a plant on the table? try putting a pot of something... flowers or leaves.. it'll be ideal to me!

nana: thank you so much for taking care of faizal. i heard you guys had a really good time in paris! and how's your cute little princess? did she enjoyed herself at eurodisney? do you miss nanie now that she's back?
you're most welcome. glad you liked it and hope you have had a good birthday, and liked the card too. and what a small world kan? my mum knows of your mum!!! you take care and best wishes always! keep warm nana!

maz: sometimes we're not all that lovey too maz! trust me! but lately ni we're always dancing together... tak tau la angin apa datang!
we miss you and wish you could come and visit us/holland/nl soon. we hope you're doing good. sending you lots of love, always!!!

mat: terima kasih la banyak banyak cik mat!!

lollies: my dear, thank you so much. having seen your photos in your blog of sya and your heroes, i can tell you that you really capture the moment and you take good photos. lets not compare my craft and your photos as mine simply doesnt require much technical stuff... mine just requires cutting, folding... semua orang boleh buat!!
will do your tag. been wanting to write but asik la sebok!!! way too busy lately. hope all is well in qatar! here's more love to you guys!!

Anonymous said...

impressive! now you can concentrate more and more on your crafts. and do sell them..cantik lah and practical too. yaya

LivingBeauty said...

I love your "own world" I love arts any kinds of arts and use creativities to create something beautiful.

good luck with that.