Thursday, 31 January 2008

Hi Daisy!

I have been busy crafting with my new toy lately (thank you hardy!) and have forgotten all about blogging! the possibilities are now endles! i'm loving it. as soon as aidan is asleep, i quickly sit on my wooden chair in my craftroom and craft away! this was my first card i made after receiving my new toy.

I love flowers - let it be real, plastic or paper. i love pastel, i love daisys. i think they are fresh, i think they are sweet. i tend to create soemthing that i like receiving. and this, i wouldnt mind receiving in my mail!

I'm trying to work out on how to sell my cards as they are getting more and more now. i will have to have another space where i can display most of them. still considering to sell a kit so that you can make your own. still considering whether i should sell cut out motives and letters. i'm passionate about my craft. and i hope to share the joy and love i've put in with each and every card and such that i make.

Well, anyway, here's a "HI" to all you readers of my blog.


Anonymous said...

lovely! keep it up, look fwd to more. tw.

tulipurple said...

seriously,u r so naturally talented!!
best best..suka suka tgk all ur works.thanks also for sharing it :))

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

white daisies are my favourite flowers Z, they look fresh, cute and clean cut! Since i am neurotic, likes things inorder and truely sparkly clean, the white daisies, gives me a positive sensation i can never describe, hehehe - also i will alwys appreciate a 'bouquet of sharpen pencils' anyday or time. Quoted from Meg Ryan from the movie, U'be got Mail = ) Have a gd weekend Z!

Wiz said...

Z, this has got to be my fav of all times. Like Mush, daisies are my fav flower too. Do more, do more. There's a kit? I do not know that. Been doing things kitless all this while and it has always taken me ages. I would buy the kit from you.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

tw: hey! how was your holiday? banyak borong? there's more there's more. and will be possible for me to have your address?

tulipurple: thank you my dear. glad you like them!

mush: mine too!! they are cute indeed! and yes i know that quote. i can probably memorise the whole script! hehe. we're going to paris today!! yipee!

wiz: there's no kit la dear. i'm thinking of selling my cards as a kit so that one can actually make them herself. interested? and wiz, those garden cakes for salina's opah are GORGEOUS! serious gila!!


Rose said...

Very very nice! I like it!! :) You are so creative, friend.

Ummi said...


Rita Ho said...

Zaza ... I'm so happy to hear that you plan to share your talent through internet business. YAY! It also reminded me of my slack in writing out the plan for you. My bad. Kaki patah, otak pun following suit. I'll get it to you next week, after CNY? Can you send me an email - - so I have yours?

My favorite flowers are orchids but we have a huge bush (is it the right word?) of white daisies in our front yard. Passers-by often stop by to pose for pictures in summer. :)

Keep up the excellent crafting, Z.

Linad said...

amboi busy crafting nampak's a therapeutic if you have passion in it...kurang la dpt tgk zaza masak2 been bz...kedai pun tutup..once a while in fb je...

Anonymous said...

wahh cantik2!! no wonder lah no latest stories fr you lately. you've been busy in your craft studio. just a suggestion on the selling; a friend set up bags for sale website for malaysian audience. payment done thru mbb. intl delivery by air freight and local delivery by citylink or equivalent. i thought that's brilliant for start ups. of course, you'll have a brighter idea that this simple mechanics! yaya

Mat Gebu said...

zaza..mat ada award utk blog zaza, nanti jgn lupa ambil kat blog mat yeaa di

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure Zaza, what's your email add? TW

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rose: glad you liked it!

ummi: thank you!

rita: hey! hows the kaki? sure hope it didnt stop or slow you down from celebrating cny! no worries about the plan. its no hurry, i intend to get aidan's 1st tennis racket this september since he can already swing both forehand and backhand! i need to sell so that i can get him a cool one! too ambitious perhaps.. but we'll see!

i've been trying to find papers and embellishments with orchids so that i can whip somethin up for you. no luck so far but i will not give up!

i adore daisys! and so lucky you have a big bunch infront of your house. take a photo!! mine dah mati since last year... i'm hopeless!

anyway, sending you lots of love and well wishes!

k.linad: apsal kedai dah tutup? sunggguh tak patot! yeah i've been cooking less now since i've got a new work table and a new craft toy. it is so thereputic!!! memang betul!! fb? i'm so terribly hopeless in fb tau!!

TW: *jeling with envy* ada orang gi NYC... dah lah gi NY, amik gambar lawar lawar pulak tu! hehe. read through your entries but tak sempat nak tinggalkan comment. hardy's away for another week this week, i should have more time to do so.

here's my email: do let me know of your birthday!!

p.s: holland will be in full bloom with tulips this april!! keukenhof will be its best in april! maybe that should be your next destination!! ;)