Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Colour in my Garden

Good morning everyone! it's bright and sunny outside and my plants are flowering, and so i thought i'd make a card that reflects my garden. i have quite a lot of purple flowers, some are growing better than others i should say! but they're all doing good.

We're still doing our garden slabs, Hardy worked extra hard yesterday! till 8 (now that it's summer, it gets dark at 9ish). the good thing about living here is, you dont have the chance to be lazy! you do everything yourself. we did almost everything ourselves with our home - from doing the floring, fixing up the entire kitchen to carrying the garden slabs in our car (imagine the weight! but thank god we have an estate!).

It's almost 8 and i should head to the showers, we hope to finish up the slabs later today (finger's crossed!). hopefully the weather will stay! ooopppss, there it is, our son is up! on second thoughts the shower can wait... off to get him to mess our bed!

Enjoy your Sunday, will reply to comments later today!

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