Saturday, 5 July 2008

My Nephew Ferran is One!

It was my nephew's birthday yesterday, the 4th of July. he's one! my sister and her family arrived from Warwick the day before and it was so so much fun seeing the boys, both Ferran and Aidan together! it can get a little bit chaotic at times, but it was all a big fun!

We celebrated Ferran's birthday modestly. with tonnes of pressents (i wonder it they all will fit in the car!). will share some photos in my facebook and in my other blog soon.

I did this card for him.. i was almost cracking my head trying to figure out what kind of card i'd like him to have on his 1st! did everything from scratch and i'm really really happy the parents loved it! (Ferran caught a glimps of the card but was too occupied with all his pressies!)

He's one happy baby. one happy boy. he's growing really really fast and boy, time really flies when you're having fun!

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY FERRAN! we all love you very very much!

Anyway, will post on another card i made for Ferran soon, everyone's waiting for me downstairs for breakfast... and then we're gonna go for some shopping and sightseeing! you guys have a wonderful weekend with your families, i know i sure will!

Sunday 06.07.08

Just a quick update before i head to bed. it is almost midnight, and we've just about done playing Wii and downloading some photos. have to wake up early tomorrow as we're going to Antwerp. thought i'd share with you 2 more cards for Ferran. mum asked me to make one for Ferran, and the second one was from Aidan. he scribbled and pasted Ferran's initial!

Looks like i'm going to be the last one to brush my teeth! everyone else are ready to hit the sack and the boys are sound asleep in their cots. so... till my next post! good night everyone! have a wonderful week ahead!

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nana zaharey said...

Bestnya dpt auntie yg creative nie...byk betul kad yg comel2 dia dapat.. Happy Birthday Feran... muah......