Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Still in the Mood for Birthdays!

I havent been crafting for almost a week now. the whole entire family's busy enjoying ourselves and spending time with each other. we wish the weather could have been better but who cares about the weather when we've got each other ey? ;)

Made this tag card last couple of weeks. i still cant get enough of my MS border punch! they add such sweetness! i dont have that much time to sit infront of the computer lately, but i shall try my best to reply each comments the soonest!

Hardy's in Milan today, and Aidan's keeping me company in the room. the birthday boy and his mummy and daddy in Aidan's room and Opa and Oma are upstairs... all sound asleep... i should be going as well.. it's past midnight... good night everyone, i'm off to brush me teeth now! till my next post, take care!


Milkberry said...

Waaa! I envy you! (>_<) hehe~ Have fun being with the parents Zaza! Oh and the doily borders are lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, beautiful, amazing craft from u as usual. Have fun n enjoy ur day. Loves, hugs n kisses.
Kak Shasha

Anonymous said...

hi dear.. been yr silent reader all these while..sgt2 admire yr creativity.. sj nak ty bp u charge for yr cards ye..i dok kat kl-msia ingat nak tempah jgk( if under my budget-range :).. for my husbnd nye n frens bdays..
if u dun mind can email to
thanks n take care..

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

sorry guys, i have been away for 4 days. we went up north for a short family getaway. no internet connection, thus the late reply. here are the replies!

milkberry: parents, sister, brother in law and nephew.. everyone all in one house! best kecoh kecoh once in a while! i LOVE the borders too sampai the first few days after i got them, bawak tido, letak on my bedside table! hehe..

k.sha: thank you thank you thank you!! all our love, hugs and kisses to you and the kids too!! send us their photos! nak tengok aymil ngan milena!

aidiana: hi! thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog and leaving me with such a lovely comment! sorry for the late reply, i just got back from a 4 day holiday getaway with the rest of my family. we had a wonderful time (at one point hectic) but we surely had fun!
back to your question, each card varies.. but i will email to you after this k!