Monday, 21 July 2008

~ Aiesha ~

I've had a brilliant time with my family. my sister Fifi and her family left for the UK after a 2 week holiday here with us. it was wicked, we travelled north, south, east and west and did a lot of walking, driving, photo taking, playing, laughing and not to mention shopping!

Sorry for not being able to write much sooner. i was enjoying myself too much till i've forgotten all about blogging! will blog more often now that i'm back into routine!

A day before my nephew Ferran's birthday was my cousin's daughter's 1st birthday. she's as cute as a bug and growing cuter each day. here's what i did for her..

Now that the whole family have moved into a new home, i hope she gets to enjoy her time outside in the garden. hope she will get to see butterflies, fireflies and enjoy the flowers. now that she's 1, and soon she'll have a lil sister, i'm pretty sure she'll have a room of her own. so i made a door hanger for her new room.

Sorry we cant be there on your birthday Aiesha, but we're sure you have had the best day with everyone! lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses from auntie zaza, uncle hardy and aidan!


Akak said...

Salam zaza...

so lovely...akak suka sgt yg soft color mcm ni..

Aiesha said...

Thank you so very much for the cards, door hanger and present Tok Shidah, Tok Alam, Auntie Zaza, Uncle Hardy and Abang Aidan.

My mummy wasn't sure what the door hanger was though....she thought it was a picture frame but there's an A in the middle so a bit confusing.

I have my own room now but I will have to share it once my adik comes along. Her cot is all ready and waiting (it's actually my old cot as I sleep in a bed now). I no longer sleep with mummy and daddy. They moved me out on my first birthday (imagine the house, new room and no mummy and daddy in the room!) The first week or so I kept waking up at 6 looking for them so mummy would take my into their room but last night I slept through until around 7:30. I like my bedroom as daddy and mummy got me a new bed, new wardrobes, new curtains and lovely bedding.

I hope you can all come and visit soon.


ps. Auntie Zaza, the Next sale is on....tak datang ke?

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

akak: eh, hari tu shopforshoppers! hari ni akak! tukar identity! nasib baik gambar profile sama!! semua sihat?

aiesha: you're most welcome my dear. you're such a cutie pie you know that! i love each and every single photo of you your mummy put on facebook! i wish i could hug and squeeze you tight and give you big kisses on your cheeks!
i'm glad you had a good time on your bithday! i'm thrilled to hear you have your own room too! i cant believe what mummy and daddy put you through! you must be horrified, and what a shock to be moving to a new house and a new room, sleeping away from both of them! but you know what, it's for your own good! you'll love your own space! ask mummy to put lots of dolls and a big huge dollhouse for you ya?

Auntie zaza wont be coming anytime soon sayang, but will send my representatives (auntie fifi and family and later tok alam and tok shidah)! i bet they will give you a big hug when they come and see you!

please send all my love to daddy and mummy k! enjoy the sun, and dont forget to wear your sunblock when you're out!!

lots of love!!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

aiesha: lupa nak answer your question... kami tak boleh datang for next sale sebab kami dah shopping sakan kat ZARA and most shops kat sini! next year maybe!!

what did mummy get for you? lots of pink stuff?